Advice for Incoming 7th Graders

For 7th grade you need to be organized or you will get lost in all your homework and school work. Secondly you need to keep your papers in the rings of your binder the pockets will break, then you will lose all your papers. For electives stay in band, you will get to go to Fiesta Texas at the end of the year. Also take robotics and or tech systems both awesome robotics classes by the best teacher, Mr spodick.

and if you live in the near WRMS then ride the bus. First to cut your carbon footprint and Mr. Kint is the best bus driver. A few things you don’t need to but I suggest. Take gym rather than athletics. And if you don’t lose you pencils every day then use mechanical pencils.


Today I am sitting here trying the figure out something to write about for my blog post and still I have not figured out what to write about. $&@#%* just asked me how to spell “knew” she I told him. There is not a whole lot of stuff going on a n my life it’s just a very boring life. That would  probably the most interesting thing that is going to happen today besides that I got a 100 on my chapter 14 quiz which was alright but I could use some excitement in my life. If you haven’t noticed I’m just writing everything that comes to my mind. I’m getting bored of this so I’m going to stop.

Must See Austin


If you are in for something weird, something crazy, or just something relaxing; Austin is just the place for you. You can come and visit but you will have to come and visit again because you can’t experience it all in one visit. Come on down to Austin and enjoy life.



photo from pixabay

Life’s Blueprint

I am not really sure what my life’s blueprint is and neither should anyone else; but if you do than you will probably have a very boring life already knowing what’s going to happen next. One warning you’ve got to be ready for whatever twist, turn, or curve life throws at you. Otherwise if you are like me and you don’t know what life has in store for you then you will be just fine.

Why beleive me? I don’t know why, I am only 13. So what do I know about life? I know it is a tough gamble that we all play so you got to be willing to take risks and sometimes life plays the better hand. So that is why you need to have a few tricks of  your own to reveal at the right time.

Life is a game, a game that has no cheats, no winners, no losers, and no rules (except laws). Maybe not if you are having fun but who’s to say that they are perfect and have never broken a law in their life? I’m not, what’s the point to life if you can’t have fun right. You will have to have an Ace in the hole if you are expecting any chance against life. So good luck.


I like to go biking almost every day. That is how I really enjoy spending my time. Whether it is spending time with my friends, getting away from everything, or to just have a little freedom where nobody tells me what to do or how to do it.

I especially like to go biking after school to get all of my stress out before coming home and needing to study for five tests the next day. I personally think that we should only have, at most, one test each week. It would be better if there were no tests. That is how I think the school rules should be.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if there still were big forests and grasslands where I live so that I can ride my bike in them.

The Woods

This is a true story, something you would not want to encounter, something you would have nightmares over, something you never hope to see in real life.

I really like the outdoors because it is peaceful and you never know what is going to happen to you; you encounter something       dangerous, cool, scary or at worst what I encountered.

the other day I was riding my bike along my usual bike route in         the woods where I felt a strange urge to go riding off of my bike trail so I did. I went through the trees and brush along the way across a small stream I went. Deeper and deeper  into the forest I went almost losing my way back…


You probably don’t know what a skate-cycle is, so a Skatecycle is unlike most traditional skateboards, the user does not need to continuously push off the ground to gain and maintain speed. It marks the first hubless machine. It also does not have any brakes. The Skatecycle contains a double-jointed twisting axle connected to two standing platforms surrounded by large wheels. A hubless wheel is present on both sides of the axle. In order to work it, the rider needs to twist their feet inwards and outwards. It is about 32 inches long and weighs seven pounds. So that is what a Skate-Cycle is; I hope you understand what a Skatecycle is If you didn’t already know.

So there I was standing in my driveway thinking to myself, “Did I forget anything; no I couldn’t have; just focus on the horizon and everything will be alright” I thought to myself. Then I went to the end of my driveway, set my Skatecycle down carefully, got on it; and swiveled and twisted. I had started to go down the hill. Gradually, I had gotten faster and faster until it felt like I was going 100 miles per hour. I thought that it was so fun with the wind rushing past me, the cool autumn breeze shooting in my face and flowing through my hair; I went ahead running back up the hill, set my Skatecycle down and went back down the hill only this time I felt like I had forgot something, but I couldn’t have. could I have?

As I approached the bottom of the hill I try to forget my previous thought and enjoy the fresh summer breeze going into fall. I was walking back up the hill to do it again but half way up the hill I had realized that “I wasn’t wearing a helmet or any other gear!” I was so amazed at what I had just done; and I ran inside and told my parents which wasn’t the smartest idea, I couldn’t help myself, even though I got grounded for two weeks for not wearing any safety gear, but it was totally worth it. Since then I learned to either not to think or think twice.


I am hungry, so I am going to write about food. My favorite food is chicken fried steak; it is amazing I really like cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream too (delicious) . Today I had pizza for lunch and cereal for breakfast. My cat eats lizards, mice, birds, and who knows what. Right now I am super hungry. I also like fried chicken, hamburgers, sandwiches, ice cream, most vegetables, fish, snake, beef, chicken, cereal, spaghetti, pizza, ribs, brisket, catfish, red snapper, sushi, fried okra, ect. I mostly like everything except celery, asparagus, and meetlofe. Those are the most disgusting things in the world.


This Thanksgiving my mom’s side of the family is coming to my house. We are going to eat turkey, ham, green bean casserole and other vegetables, cranberry sauce, au grated potatoes, broccoli rice casserole,  pecan pie, pumpkin pie, brownies, sausage, and lots more food . My cousins and I are going to shoot cans, play outside, and other stuff. I am really happy to see my family for Thanksgiving and I hope we have a great one too . But my favorite thing to do is getting to spend time with my family . And that is what my Thanksgiving is going to be like.

Chocolate and Other Things

My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell cookies n’ cream because it is the best ice cream ever and it is scrumptious. If you don’t like cookies n’ cream then you don’t know what you are missing out on.

I do not like chocolate by itself, but I sometimes like it mixed with other stuff. Chocolate by itself isn’t so good, but when you mix it with peanut butter to make a Reese’s it is delicious. I also like Yorks because it is a mix of peppermint and a layer of chocolate. Twix are pretty good also because they are a mix of a cookie, caramel, and a layer of chocolate. Strawberries with chocolate are delicious as well. Just like cookies n’ cream go together.

If you do not know what cookies n’ cream is I highly suggest you try it because it is the best thing in the universe!!!!