Original Poem


Fall is the dancing breaze in the wind

It is the leaves getting ready to fall

Fall is the pumpkin spice sweets

It is the thanksgiving feast

Fall is for the costumes and scares

It’s the time for candy that will last till spring


Fall is for pumpkin picking

It is the corn mazes with friends

Fall is the sweet smell in the air

It’s the candles that have the sweetest fragrance

Fall is time for friends and family

It’s the time to cherish and remember


Authors Note


      My poem is about fall personally I love fall and it’s my favorite season. This is everything I personally think about when I think of fall. I think that fall is an amazing time it’s not hot but it’s also not cold I love the colors of the leaves and pumpkin picking!

Also I love the fall smells and I enjoy many pumpkin flavored things.

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