My Favorite Songs pt1

3: My third favorite song is All of the Lights by Kanye West. It’s from the album my Dark Twisted Fantasy while also being the most popular song on that album.

It’s about Kanye abusing his girlfriend, going to jail, finally getting out but also catching his girlfriend cheating on him the night of his release.

The song has two featuring artists; Kid Cudi and Rihanna. Both play awesome roles in the song.

Favorite haiku

Deep wounds that leave scars
One moment much more must flow
Shadows from the soul

Her tears in silence
The strong arms that held her up
In the thoughts and deeds

Please do not grieve more
And afterwards remember
Pearls of morning’s dew

Poem by: L ansersean

Banana Man

When I was in 3rd grade, I called myself an author because I wrote the “book” Banana Man. It was about a guy who accidentally dropped his banana in acid and the banana magically came alive after that. The guy and the banana partnered up to fight crime. Great plot in my opinion.

I looked back into my journal from 4 years ago and was surprised to see that I wrote about 60 full pages of Banana Man. That may seem like it took lot of hard work and dedication, but when I looked back at my journal, every three words were either a grammar or a spelling mistake.

It came in handy though in 4th grade because the teacher I had made us write a full page in our journal every day of the week or else we had to stay in for recess. That book covered me for about 3/4 of the school year, so I’m thankful that I made that book.

My top three Youtube channels

I’m pretty desperate for a blog post, so this won’t be the best post ever.

3. Domics is an animation channel. Domics stands for Dominic’s comics. He usually posts every 2 or 3 weeks depending on how long the video is. It’s usually just rants, phobias, or jokes. He has about 1,500,000 subscribers.

2. Rooster Teeth is a comedy channel and a company! The channel has about 70 people working in all different departments like animation, comedy, and gaming. I think they have 8,000,000 subscribers.

1. Machinima ETC is a news channel about weird news, gaming, and social media. The channel has about 30 people working on set, but only two people actually doing the reports named Eliot and Ricky. They have only 500,000 or so, but the main channel Machinima has 7,000,000 subscribers.

Full metal alchemist

The Full Metal Alchemist series consists of 27 books. It takes place in 1913.

The book is about a boy named Edward and his brother Alphonese. They loose their mother to a disease when they were only 7 and 4.

They try to resurrect her with alchemy. The rule of alchemy is that if you make something, you must give something up with the equal value.

They fail in resurrection, but the rule of alchemy still applies. So Edward looses his arm and Alphonese looses his entire body.

Edward then attaches Alphonese soul to a giant suit of armor. They go on an adventure to get the Philosophers Stone. That stone is the only way Alphonese can get his body back without consequences.

Prized possession

When I was like 4 or so, I got the Nintendo Gameboy SP. This Gameboy made half of my life.

San Antonio was honesty a pretty boring city, so that Gameboy was about the most exciting thing that I could do at the time. It was even more fun when my brother and I got the connect cord and battled Pokemon which ultimately helped us bond.

When I played with my Gameboy, I got my Leaf Green game. I felt so smart strategizing what move I wanted to do next.

I still play it to this game actually.

Army of two 40th day

Army of two is a co-op video game. It’s pretty self-explanatory. it’s about two people, Salem and Rios. Both are mercenaries and are trying to stop a terrorist group in Singapore.

The two must face difficult decisions like to kill the last white tiger for $15,000 or to kill a police officer for different weapons. This is my favorite video game ever.

Sure, it’s fun on single player, but it’s so much more fun to play with another person.

Chritamas plans

This weekend I have some plans in SA.

For christmas, my dad, brother, and I are going to see the Nut Cracker in down town San Antonio. This Saturday we’re going to the “Tower of America” to eat dinner before the show. It’s a popular tourist attraction for its hight and food. After that, it’s time to see the show. I’m pretty sure the play is about two hours long or so.

I’m really exited for it.

The New School Device

West Ridge Middle School is now thinking about getting a new device to replace the old iPad 2. I personally think that getting a Chrome PC would be pretty cool. The Chrome would be so much faster because it uses newer technology and easier to carry home to use as a study tool.

But is it worth the extra cost? Yes, it looks better; yes, it’s faster; and yes the Chrome will hold more storage. I have used my iPad 2 for two years now and have not run out of storage.

The one thing that is most important that’s not on the iPad is the battery usage. The iPad battery lasts up to about two hours. I hope the PC battery would give the Chrome a longer lasting life. This would be helpful to students for an eight hour school day.

My Essay

Feel free to give me feedback.

Riding the iron rattler
We were at six flags. My dads company rented out the park. That meant we got to ride every ride with minimal lines. We were halfway through the day. We were walking to the boardwalk, when suddenly my arm gets tugged to the side. It was my dad. When I saw what was behind him, I already knew what was up. He said “let’s do the iron rattler before the line gets worse”. Of course that was just a fake excuse for me to ride the ride. The park was just about empty! I come with him unknowingly just how scary the iron rattler was. I would just like to point out that the iron rattler has a 45 degree drop!

I hoped there was just a bit of a line for me to prepare myself for this moment. But of course there was no line. My dad and I got on the long cart. When I sat down, I was surprised on how only a seat belt and nothing else was preventing me from falling to my death. The conductor said “Good bye”.

When we took off the first obstacle was The Drop. While we were going up the giant hill, I thought to myself “is this seat belt really going to protect me”? At the end of that thought I was already at the top. The rest is a blur because I just closed my eyes for the entire ride. I couldn’t tell where we were going, but I just knew that my eyelids were locked. I felt like my neck could crack at any time. But before that trip to the ER, the ride stopped. My eyelids were still shut tight. In my mind I thought “ohhh god, another HILL?! While I was tensing up to ride another hill, but five seconds go by. I take a peek… I Was Back WHERE I STARTED! I was happy, proud, just about deaf. So many emotions. That was where we ended the six flags trip.