Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

In the Magnus Chase series Magnus and Sam are entering the Wight’s Tombstone, and are trying to find Thor’s lost hammer. Magnus Chase and his friends must encounter a new problem. A mysterious new einherjar is causing chaos in hotel Valhalla, his friends are missing, the giants are getting restless. Along the way Hearthstone must face his past that he tried to bury forever, and he may lose the thing he loves most of all if he fails. Sam must put love in the air and seek out the most photogenic god to help her with her relationship. And finally Magnus must find a new ally one of the most powerful giants out there to face on the most dangerous foe he may ever face, and arguably the smartest most conniving god in the 9 realms. Will Magnus and his friends be able to stop their enemy and save his friends read the book to find out.

By Collin M

Fortnite Strikes Again

Fortnite RulesI chose this video because it is one of my favorite hobbies at my house. And because fortnite is school approved.



Today we have to make our first post. My subject is going to be about what happened today, in perfect grammar and punctuation. So today in Mr. Gray’s class we had to start working in groups for our Texas project🌞. In second period orchestra we started working on The Monster Mash. That’s all I’m going to say because we just have to have at least 5 sentences.

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