Abraham Lincoln

In my book Abraham Lincoln is going threw some rough times and some good times in the book right now. Here are some rough times he’s going through. Little Eddie, Abraham Lincons son died at age 4 but Abraham took it well but Mary Abraham Lincolns wife did not take it well. She would always freak out at Lincoln so when she did that he would leave the house till she would calm down. Abraham was born in Illinois and has always lived in America. Some good things that are going on for him is that he is making slavery not a thing and trying to convince people that all people should bee treated equally.

2 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln

  1. I did not know Abraham and his wife had lost a child at age four. So sad. He was definitely a good man and president. Thanks for the blog, I really enjoyed it.

    It is understandable, however, how this mother was more deeply affected by the loss of the child

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