I am in the middle of class.

Help me. I’m in class and it’s pure torture. Oof. Not gonna lie English is my least favorite class(the blogging class). That’s just my opinion. Anyway I’m just blogging because we’re supposed to. Soooo. Uuhhhhhh. Welp. Ok that pretty much sums it up so bye.

Hey boi.

I’m reading a book called Elaphant Run. So far the main character Nick has left America because his mother can’t support him anymore because of financial issues. He has gone to Berma to live with his father. On the way his fathers employee told him about the elaphant plantation called Hawks Nest that he and his father will live on. When he arrived his father was on a hunt for the night and could not see him So Nick decided to just get some sleep and see his father in the morning.

Go check out Elaphant Run
By Ronald Smith.


I like to draw. When I’m bored I draw. In school drawing is my one escape from the stress and stugle of math class. If you want to learn more, go to this site.