My Financial Future

For my math project we had to write about what we thought our future would look like when we get to college then after college. Like where we would live and how much we would be spending per month. So this is my essay hope you love where I’m going to college and what I’m thinking of being when I grow up.

College, homes, bills. This is all you need for your future. Having really good grades and not wasting your time or money buying stuff you don’t need are things that can get you to be       a really good person. Also get you to be in a really good college and a really good job.

For college I was thinking something not too hard, not far from home, not too expensive. But the college I want to get into is the opposite of those, and I will try to manage it. Then after college also thinking about what that would look like with my job. I’m going to go to Stanford University in California which is pretty far from home, but I thought about it and I do want to go somewhere rather than Texas. When I first looked at the price I was really surprised with how much $38,658 because I thought college was going to be a lot cheaper, but colleges are really expensive so I don’t know what I was thinking. I also don’t really think I can afford that much, but I have money saved so I can hopefully afford it or get a scholarship of some kind. While I’m in college I’m going to stay at the Florence Moore Hall dormitories but I don’t know how much it is because I couldn’t find the price. The dormitories look very nice and good enough for me even though I couldn’t find the price.

After college I’m going to live in an apartment with my friend Jenny. We rented the apartment for $3,750 in total but we are going to split it and we are each going to pay $1,875 per person. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it’s 1,045 sq ft. Jenny and I looked at a lot of different houses at first but then we said that we should rent an apartment before we buy a house, because you shouldn’t spend too much money right after you get out of college. Then we found this one and thought it was perfect. Since also our dog Oscar is going to live with us so it’s going to be really fun. I’m going to get around with my dad’s Range Rover. I had the idea because when Jenny and I looked for cars we were surprised about how much the cars were. So I decided to get my dad’s car and only pay for gas and maintenance and Jenny decided to get her mom’s car.

For my job I’m going to be a neurosurgeon. A neurosurgeon is a surgeon specializing in surgery on the nervous system, especially the brain and spinal cord. I like science and learning about new things, so I thought that being this was going to be fun because I’m going to get to learn things about the brain and spinal cord. In my job I’m going to need more schooling and they get about $767,637 per year. After I saw how much this was I was so surprised because I thought they paid less but wow that’s a big amount.

Like I said before, Jenny and I are going to get a pet. We first thought of a small dog but we didn’t know which one. Jenny and I looked at the dog breeds, and we decided that we wanted a golden retriever. Then, after we went to a website called puppy find and we found Oscar our 6 weeks old Golden Retriever dog. It already had a name and we liked it so we kept it Oscar. The total is $1,006 but we are going to split it and each paying $503. We are probably paying Oscar with a credit card because that’s a big amount and credit cards are for big amounts of money. Then we’ll pay the credit card at the end of the month.

In my spendings / bills Jenny and I went to H-E-B the website and we searched up everything we needed for a month like food, toiletries,and laundry detergent. When we looked everything up we added all the prices and all combined with foods and essentials. We got $88 then added the tax plus about 8.25% and that was $95.26 per month but we are splitting that also so that would be 47.63 per person. I would buy it with debit card because it’s not a super big price like our dog, but I also would think about it because I might want rewards by buying with a credit card. I would also think about having a credit card and a debit card because they are both very useful. Also since each month I want to save some money I thought about saving about 20% each month. Each month after I pay my rent, my car’s gas and maintenance, my bills and shopping I will have $61,302.29 because I get about $63,969.92 per month for my job. So 20% of $61,302.29 is $12,260.46 and that would leave me with $49,041.83 for anything else.

It’s really good to start looking forward to your future and thinking about what you will do, but you never know what will happen in the next 5-12 years so you should just let the wind guide you through your journey.

My Favorite Restaurants

Hello guys hope you liked my blog post from last week about my pets that I want but that will never happen. This week I’m going to talk about my all time favorite restaurants that I absolutely love.

One of my favorite restaurants is Hopdoddy. If you have never tried these amazingly awesome burgers then you haven’t lived, like actually. They taste amazing and have amazing fries and a great service. Some people say they don’t like them but those people are cray-cray. They also have really good milkshakes, and the place is really nice. I always order the same delicious thing, and I never get tired of it. I absolutely love it when my family and I go downtown and walk around, then go eat at Hopdoddy.

Another restaurant I love is Chick-fil-A. I love it because it’s just so amazingly good. The fries with the drink and the chicken nuggets, mmmmmmmm. I also usually get the same thing, fries, lemonade, and chicken nuggets. After that I sometimes get a milkshake or a small ice-cream cone. You have all hopefully gone to Chick-fil-A, but If you haven’t I recommend it a lot. It’s a great place to eat when you don’t have anything else to eat.

Another restaurant I like is called The Cheesecake Factory. It has the most amazing pasta EVER. It’s so awesomely good and I love the pizza and the service and everything about it. It’s just super nice and a good place to go to. One time we got a chocolate brownie sundae for free because it was my sister’s birthday and the brownie with the ice-cream was super good. It’s really good, and if you’ve never gone to The Cheesecake Factory you should go and try it out. It’s in the Barton Creek Square Mall right next to the movie theater.

These restaurants are some of the few I like. I obviously like a lot more restaurants but that would take a lot of work, because I love food and I love going to restaurants, so I’m not going to list all of the restaurants I love. I hope you can go to Hopdoddy, Chick-fil-A and The Cheesecake Factory if you haven’t gone, because it’s deliciously amazingly good. Thanks for reading my blog post this week, hope you liked it. 🙂

My Dream Pets

Hey blogs this week I’m not doing expository writing, hope you liked that, but this week is going to be different. This week I’m going to be talking about my dream pets, the ones that I will never have but will always be my favorite animals.

My dream pets are a giraffe an elephant and a panda. I love all those animals because they seem really sweet but like I said never going to happen. I love giraffes because even though they are really tall I love the color and how beautiful they look. They just have this thing in them that is so pretty to me. I also love giraffes because of the movie Madagascar. The movie is hilarious and it’s one of my favorite movies. Fun fact about giraffes: they are the tallest mammals on earth.

I also love elephants. I know most of you are thinking “Why does she like elephants?” Well I like elephants because they seem really sweet and playful and beautiful and I would love to see one one day. My friend went to see one and she said it was the best experience in her life, so I would die to see an elephant. Fun fact about elephants: their trunk contains over 40,000 muscles, divided into as many as 150,000 individual units! It is so impressive how animals are so amazing.

I also really like pandas, they are so cute and fluffy. I mostly like panda’s because I love the movie Kung Fu Panda. Po the panda makes me laugh so much in the movie. I recomend the movie; you should watch it because it’s really good and really funny. Also pandas are so beatutiful and I would also love to see one. Fun fact about pandas: they are vegetarians because they lost the meat eating gene, how funny right!

Well hopefully you liked my dream pets that will never come true, but one day I will go and see all of them. If I do see one I’ll take lots of pictures and show them to you guys. Thank you for reading this and hope you liked it. 🙂

Why Electronics Are Useful

This week I’m going to talk about electronics because why not right? I love electronics, they come in handy with so many things like for school and work, for the news around the world and many other things. In my opinion I think electronics are very useful.

One reason why I think electronics –like phones– are very useful is because we have to  communicate with other people around the world like other countries, also even communicate with your parents. The news is also a great way to communicate because, they say things about other places in the world and it’s really interesting to learn something new you had never heard before. Electronics might be all sorts of things but you do eventually get communicated about everything if you have a phone, an Ipad, a computer or a TV. I do really think that electronics might be bad becasue some studies say it can hurt your brain and your eyes etc. But that doesn’t mean they are always bad becasue having electronics makes you be in touch with people around the world which is also something really amazing.

Electronics can be useful in a lot of ways as I said before, it is useful for us to communicate.  Another reason why I think electronics are useful is because, we need them for scool and work, like if you have to do a research project the internet is a really good source. You could also learn a lot by researching something. Like sometimes in The New York Times you can find different topics and you can learn new things by looking at the different topics. We also have research projects in Texas History and we have to go to the internet and find out about the topic. Its also amazing how something so small can hold so much useful stuff for our learning.

I do know that too much electronics can keep you from going outside and playing, or spending more time with family and friends. But there is always pros and cons to everything even electronics. Electronics are very useful to me and probably to many other people.


Why I Hate STAAR Tests

I know this is a very off topic because it’s in a little while–actually in about 2 month–but I really hate STAAR test (by the way STAAR means State of Texas Assessments of  Academic Readiness) I just can’t deal with them.

First STAAR tests are supercalifragilisticexpialidociously long and boring. Even though we do need about 4 hours it’s just that we sit there for so long, it makes it very boring and instead of 4 hours it feels like years. maybe after we finish we could go home instead of staying at school. One time I remember a friend told me that she finished in 1 1/2 hours, and she was super bored and tired for the next 2 1/2 hours. For people like me that hate STAAR Tests and think that they are super long and boring good luck on the test this year!

Also the STAAR test are very stressful. Like you feel like you are not ready for it–but you are– and you are stressed, and scared that you are going to fail and it’s horrible! One time I got sick a week before the STAAR Test and didn’t get better till a day before the test. It was horrible becasue I felt sick and stressed the day of the test. There are some people that are like “It’s just a test its going to be fine” but I’m not fine becasue it’s stressful sitting in a chair and taking a test for 4 hours! I also sometimes get sidetracked and it’s really annoying because then I can’t concentrate even if I try to.

Something else that really bothers me and I hate is that, they don’t give us the scores till about July, almost the next school year. I mean we all really want to know what we got. Like this year I have no idea what I got which was horrible, and in the summer when I tried to check my score it wouldn’t let me go in the page that told me my grades and I though “they might give us the scores when we get back from summer” but no they didn’t which really annoyed me. I think in 7th grade they do give us back the scores sooner but I have no idea, I just heard it from someone. Either way it just bothers me not knowing what I had gotten on the STAAR.

Overall STAAR test are the worst days for me. I just hate STAAR tests, they make me be all stressed–even though we have food–bored, tired. I could go on and on. But the main, most important thing is that…I HATE STAAR TESTS!!

Why Homework is Horrible

Ahhh!!!! Homework it makes me barf, really I’m not kidding (well maybe I am). But oh well see homework is just a practice for home maybe we can just do it the next day at school, or wildcat time but not at home. I just think homework is horrible.

The first reason I think homework is horrible is becasue, we have to do it at home and it takes up our free time. When I’m home I want to rest and go to dance and do my hobbies and not do school work right after I go to school, it’s just not fun you know. I know teachers think that we need extra practice but we just left school and you want us to do more school work instead of having fun with our hobbies and friends. I think studying is just enough homework to have for the next day of quizzes and tests.

Another reason why I think homework is horrible is because, sometimes there is just too much homework for every single subject! I can’t always keep up with it and I sleep very late because I also have other stuff to do and don’t have time to do everything. I know every class has different ways to teach and they don’t know how much homework we get so they just give it to us. The other day I was just too stressed out because I had 3 quizzes and a test that I had to study for, and homework which made it worst. The next day was also horrible since I wear contacts my eyes were hurting, but I still put them in (bad idea) either way my eyes were red and they hurt when I opened my eyes. I was just too tired from staying up the past night studying and doing everything I had to do for the next day.

Last of all why I think homework is horrible is becasue, I can never find a quiet place to do my homework and it’s usually hard. My house is always super loud that I can’t concentrate. Usually my brother is playing an Xbox game and when he doesn’t score or make a touchdown on one of his games he screams and it’s very annoying. When I don’t understand something and its too loud it’s like a nightmare. I usullay ask my friends if I don’t understand something but they usually aren’t around so I can’t ask them. I also have stuff to do in the afternoon so I can’t ask them either. Sometimes I ask my siblings and they sometimes help, but they are sometimes annoying and tell me to ask my friends when I had just told them I needed help becasue my friends weren’t answering. The homework is either really easy or super hard but even though its hard or easy I hate working on a loud environment which means I can’t concentrate.

Homework is just horrible, I hate everything about it and it’s just super boring and stressful. Some people might disagree with me, actually a lot of people but this is what I think of homework. I wish we never had homework but that’s never going to happen.


Hello blog this week I’m going to talk about birthdays because who doesn’t like birthdays? In the next 4 month everyone in my family has their birthday, so I’m going to have to buy 5 gifts for everyone in my family. Wish me good luck becasue I don’t know what I’m going to get them.

First it’s my little brother, Gonzalo. His birthday is on January 28. Then my older brother, Rolando. His birthday is on Valentines Day!! Then it’s my birthday which is on March 10!! After that my dads birthday is on March 17. Then my moms birthday on April 10 and last my sister Regina. Her birthday is on April 20, and of course I have no idea what I’m going to get them.

My little brother Gonzalo is turning 9 years old even though he looks like a 6 year old. He is one heck of a guy. He is sometimes really mean and annoying but sometimes he is really nice. My older brother, Rolando, is turning 21. He is nice and sometimes really annoying, but he is turning 21 so good luck with that. My sister, Regina, is turning 17 and she is really nice and really funny and she can be annoying and mean but I love her because she is my only sister.

Birthdays are just so exciting. Last year I spent my birthday at a really good restaurant called Hopdoddy. I remember that day when we went to Hopdoddy that we walked so much through South Congress it was so tireing. I went there with my family and we ate hamburgers and fries. A day before I had dance so I brought cookie cake to my dance studio, and it was really fun. A year before me and my freinds went to Six Flags for my birthday and that was also really exciting. We went to a lot of the roller coasters and we went to the water park. But something I hate is that there is always a huge line that we have to wait for and I hate it so much.

I also love going to parties and having parties even if I dont always have a party. I love going to parties becasue you get to spend time with friends and play and talk and do awesome things. The last time I had a party was before the one in Six Flags which was in a really cool trampoline park like Jumpstreet in Mexico that is called Jumpster. It has these really big different kinds of trampolines and all different kinds of stuff. I also remember when my sister turned 15 that she had a mini qinsiañera in our house here in Austin. There were so many people and a lot of food. It wasn’t really that fun for me becasue I only had one friend with me. But it was really for my sister so it didn’t really have to be fun for me. The party was also a surprise and she didn’t know it was going to happened. She was super surprised when she got home and her reaction was kind of funny.

I love birthdays and parties and everything that has to do with celebrating. It is so exciting that I always want the day to happen. Thanks for reading I hope you liked it.:)

Winter Break

First I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (or what you celebrate) and a Happy New Year. I hope everyone had an amazing winter break and had lots of fun in 2016.

This winter break I spent it in Monterrey, Mexico. I had a very fun time with all my family and friends. I do have friends there that I went to visit, but the rest of the time I watched netflix which was pretty fun actually.

This Christmas was really fun for me, I was with all my family at my grandparents house. It was really fun because, we played games the whole day, I got to spend time with my family and we ate really good food like tamales and a pasta. Then we gave out presents and everyone got one or more. I got these shoes from my grandma and 20 dollars from my grandpa.

Then we went my other grandparents house. In my other grandparents house we also played a bunch of fun games and had amazing food. There we also gave out presents and from one of my aunts I got movie tickets, from my other aunt I got these really pretty heart earrings and from both my grandparents I got 25 dollars.

The next day we also got presents. I got a blue Polaroid, which is a camera that after you take the picture it prints out from the top, and this really pretty necklace. My older brother, Rolo, got an Argentina soccer t-shirt because he loves soccer. My sister, Regina, got 2 pair of shoes and my little brother, Gonzalo, got a Monopoly Empire and an Xbox game called Call of Duty Infinite Warefare. I didn’t really mind that I didn’t get a lot of presents but it was probably because last year I got a Hoverboard and a crepe maker. My little brother got a foosball table and an xbox. My sister got a really expensive purse, and my older brother got an xbox game, so this year was pretty chill but still super fun.

On New Years Eve we went to my aunts house and we were there most of the time. I always have so much fun with my dads side of the family because we always laugh so much. Also what was super funny was that my uncle showed us a really funny video of him. One of his friends was filming becasue he was in a horse riding competition, and when he was walking out he tripped and fell really funny in front of everyone it was hilarious. After my aunts house we went to a restaurant and stayed there for a while, but only my parents and my siblings.

Winter break was pretty fun for the most part and I hope yours was to. I’m already looking forward to Christmas but that’s in a very long time.

I hope you liked my blog post this week. Thanks for reading and hope you have a good 2017.:)

My Weekend

I don’t know what to write about this week so I will just tell you about my weekend. This week on Saturday I went with some friends to Hill Country Galleria. It was so fun but it was also super cold and rainy.

At the galleria we went to Yogurt Planet , and of course I put nutella and strawberries with it. After that we went outside, and since it was raining my friend got her umbrella and started running because it was super cold. Then while she was running her umbrella broke on one side and we were all laughing so much.

Then we went to the movies and watched this really good movie called Moana. Moana is a super fun movie to watch and also really funny. You should go watch it sometime if you want to go to the movies.

From the movie Moana I loved all of the characters like the little pig Pua and the chicken Haihai. The chicken was the funniest character because it would do really funny things and we would just laugh so much. I also liked Moanas grandma because she was also really funny. In general I liked all of the characters, oh also Maui he was also funny and a really good character.

After the movies we went to my friends house and made slime. Slime is like this goo thing that’s really fun to play with. It didn’t turn out as good as we thought it would because it was missing some ingredients. It also wasn’t stretchy and it just wasn’t very good so we microwaved it every minute so it would become more stretchy. Even though the slime wasn’t that good It was still really fun to play with.

The next day my mom picked me up from my friends house and we went to church. After church my mom, dad, sister and brother went to Mozarts which is this really good cafe place. There we got hot chocolate and a brownie. Then we went to play at TopGolf and it was also really fun, and even though my dad and brother were like 20 points ahead of me I still did pretty good. It was also really cold that day and I was freezing while I hit the golf balls.

The rest of the day I just watched a tv show called The 100. It’s about these people that have been living in space for a really long time and they are running out of oxygen, so they send 100 people to earth to find out if it’s survivable. You should really go watch it if you don’t know what to watch on netflix. You will love it I promise it’s super good.

Thanks for reading this. Sorry it’s a little bit longer than others but I didn’t know what to write about so hope you liked it.  🙂

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