My I.S.R. Asignment

The book that I’m reading is Spaced Out by Stuart Gibbs, this is a really good book about a boy named Dasheill Gibson who is part of nasa and lives on the moon. He hates living there, the beds are uncomfortable, he stuck in a cramped space, and can never go outside. But when he finds out that a top lunar scientist has turned up missing with no trace of disappearance, he decides to investigate with his friends and save their commander. This a high thrill book about adventure, bravery, and building up the courge to act on danger. This book was one of my favorites I have read the year I recommend it to those who love fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. This whole book is also pretty realistic with all of the fake science so it might even count as realistic fiction? But probably not. Overall I would give this book four and a half stars.


hey do you ever feel like your the only one on the planet that likes something? I kind of feel like I’m the only guy on the planet that does D.I.Y., so I’m going to spread my knowledge with my 0 subscribers.

New (School) Year

Hey guys, today’s the day. I’m writing my first post… I’m honestly way to exited for this, I mean… I’m looking at subscribers and… none, I have none. Well that’s fine, I’ll just get some. So I’m so exited I hope you are to. This is going to be one amazing year.

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