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Most people probably think of perfectionism as something that can help, after all, you can’t be to neat can you? However, perfectionism can go to a point where it is obsessive and hurts you. Perfectionism can get to the point where you…

  • Can’t be satisfied by any achievement
  • If you don’t achieve, you have failed
  • Are over competitive

Then you have probably taken perfectionism to a hurtful level.

I generally feel more pressure to do well than be happy,although both often coincide with each other.  I feel that having high standards for yourself should be something that we all strive to do, but that if we fail to meet these standards, we try to reason why, instead of beating yourself down.

A common opinion with psychologists is that social media is helping to stimulate kids to perfectionism. This is supposed to be because social media forces kids to compare themselves to others, which in turn can lead to a feeling of disappointment with oneself. I think that schools should try and alleviate some of this pressure by taking focus off of just grades and more towards learning.



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