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How Stores Trick You

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Have you ever walked into a grocery store with a set list, and walk out with 10x the stuff that you need or perhaps, gotten lost at IKEA? It isn’t just impulse, stores are actually designed to make you spend more money on frivolous items that you don’t need.

One of the more well-known examples of this is the 0.99 trick. Whenever I walk through any store, most of the product prices end in; you guessed it, 0.99. This is because we automatically will round the price down, making it seem like the product costs less. Another way that stores(specifically IKEA) trick you is with their store layout. IKEA purposefully designs their stores as mazes so that once you go in…you never come out. Also, you know those arrows on IKEA’s floor? Well have you noticed that they only point forwards, further into the store. This makes you think “ Wait, am I allowed to do this?” Grocery stores will also put their fresh fruit and vegetable displays at the front, giving a more appealing entrance.

It’s very hard to avoid most of these tricks because they prey on your subconscious. However, I hope that by knowing about them, you can be just a little more aware the next time you find yourself reaching for those chips.



One Comment

  1. It’s so true how stores make every item ind in .99 to make it seem less. I didn’t know IKEA had the arrows so you have to pass everything in the store before leaving. Some of the things stores do are actually really smart (for them) to make more money.

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