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Rube Goldberg


Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist, best know for his drawings of hilariously impractical contraptions built to “facilitate” everyday tasks. He worked for the New York Evening Mail  and was dubbed “America’s most popular cartoonist.” Indeed, he became so popular that he was featured on a series of special stamps that commemorated famous artists. Also, one of his political cartoons won the Pulitzer Prize

Growing up, he was the third of seven children to Max and Hannah Goldberg. He was fascinated by drawing, starting to trace illustrations at 5, and receiving his first professional drawing lessons at 11. He married Irma Seeman and had 2 sons named Thomas and George who started Rube Goldberg Incorperated.

The corporation hosts competitions for tasks such as squeezing an orange or flipping a pancake. Teams compete to see who can build the best machine to complete the task. Rube Goldbergs have been used in everything from music videos to car advertisements. In fact, Honda used one to advertise their new Accord.


Fun Facts

1) He went to jail for referring a fight.

2) He received so much hate mail that he requested that his sons change their names.

3) He was offered $2,600 to move away from the Evening Mail when he was making $25,000 there.

4) His name is a verb in the dictionary.





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