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Fun Facts

9.16.2017: The Cubs used to play at Weeghman Field until they were moved to Wrigley Stadium.

9.17.2017: Halley’s Comet will appear next in 2062.

9.18.2017: The largest bill ever produced by the U.S. Is $100,000.

9.19.2017: Bananas have seeds inside.

9.20.2017: There are about 3 million shipwrecks on the ocean floor

9.21.2017: Piccaso’s first word was piz, short for làpiz, which is Spanish for pencil

9.22.2017: Rome was built on 7 hills

9.23.2017: Saturn has 62 moons

9.24.2017: Darth Vader translates in German to dark father

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