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October 3, 2017
by daniell5

Benifit of Waking Up Early

I recently came upon a interesting fact, did you know that sometimes, waking up earlier than normal can lead to you feeing more refreshed! I enjoy the absolute silence that you can get when you are awake earlier that everyone else in your family. I often read in the morning to pass the time.

Also, studies have shown that waking up earlier have positive impacts on your grades, productivity, mental health, and more. Your quality of sleep is also shown to improve as you wake earlier. Of course, you can’t just hop into bed at 1:oo AM and expect that in you wake up at 5, then you’ll feel magically refreshed. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of and early wake up call, then you will need to first plan for it. I have included some suggestions for improving your sleep.

1. Create a sleep schedule

2. Go to sleep earlier

3. Put youe alarm clock far away from your bed

4. Give yourself a reward for waking up early

5. Take advantage of your extra time.

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