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You can't put a limit on anything

January 26, 2018
by daniell5
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Review: The World

So it’s finally 2018, and it looks a lot like the year past. No nuclear wars have happened, the Tom Brady is still playing for the Patriots, and Congress still takes a government shutdown to get anything done on taxes. I feel like it’s time to step back and take a look at what’s really happening. At least, this year isn’t quite as bad as last year, when a man got stuck in an ATM.

Some tragic news this year includes the debate over DACA (Defered Action for Childhood Arivals), which is a program that gives certain people protection from deportation and also gives them work authorization. We are also at 2 minutes to midnight on the “Doomsday Clock” according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. This clock is supposed represent how close we are to the end of the world with midnight being the end of the world as we know it.

On a better note, NASA has sent the GOLD mission to explore the lowest reaches of space, and the new Star Wars is set to release. My advice to you would be that this year may hold some fireworks, so sit back, and enjoy the show.


October 17, 2017
by daniell5

Fake News

Have you noticed the term “fake news” going around a lot lately? With all the different media sites swirling around, how do you know if what you’re seeing actually happened.

Well, the first thing to do is to use common sense. I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump isn’t secretly forming an alliance with aliens that live on the moon, or that flies hold the secrets to eternal life, or that the world will be destroyed by an asteroid in 2018. Before you just start screaming about the Mayan Apocalypse, you first need to ask yourself, “Wait, does this make sense?” 

Secondly, make sure that the news site that your information is coming from isn’t a sketchy website such as Consinfo or a satire site such as Newslo.

Finally, don’t share random bits of news or “cool facts” without first verifying their accuracy because you could be contributing to the spread of fake news. For your benefit and amusement, I have included a list of sites that are obviously fake

1) The Onion

2) Politicot

3) RealClearPolitics


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