Jay and Fenrir


I’m in a cave Valhalla literally spewing upwards about to be eaten. I’m terrified, trembling. You are probably wondering how I got here let me catch you up. My name is Jay son of heimdall I was just a baby when my father died. Any way I was os my way to school when the ground shook I ran home to grab my sword and armor everyone screaming I asked my friend what was going on “Fenrir.” He said trembling. “Fenrir I thought that was a made up story?” I asked. Now I run even faster to my house. When I get there my house is in ruins I find my sword and armor. I have one of my “visions” as my friends like to call them, to see where everyone is. The bifrost! I sprint in that direction. Suddenly I hear a bark and here I am in a cave, Valhalla literally spewing upwards about to be eaten.



Patterson Smith

P.6 Morrison



I can taste all the delicious flavors burst

In my mouth like an explosion of bratwurst


Ketchup mustard burger fries

Lasagna spaghetti ice cream pie


Breakfast, pancakes eggs and bacon

Eat until your belly’s aching


Lunch, pepperoni mushrooms cheese

Stuff yourself with pizza until you wheeze


Dinner, steak fish and chicken

So good it’s finger licking


Dessert, cookies candy pie

Eat until you start to cry


Fall asleep from eating way too much

I can’t wait until next lunch


Author’s Note:

this poem is about my love for food. This is what I think when I see food. I was inspired to write this because I love food.


Black Out Poem



Farewell to one of her born, farewell, now drink lord, drink the cup of parting and shadows. Here is the gift of flowers and leave s and even in defeat I seek through the darkness I shall come to it.