4 Really Helpful Tips of Advice for Incoming 7th Grade Students

Middle school can be tough, and now that you have got the hang of it just a little bit better, I’m here here to give you some amazing tips of advice that will definitely help you out, for sure!

1. Don’t do your homework, just rip it up and throw it out of the classroom window. Your teacher will love you, and you will become their favorite student in no time! I have done this at least ten times, and I assure you that it will work!

2. Procrastinate as much as you can! Your projects and classwork totally will do itself, and you won’t have to do a thing. Follow this tip, and your life will be so much easier!

3. Since your iPad is an “educational tool”, download as many games as you want on it, and then show your teacher! Your iPad totally wont be taken away! I recommend yelling in class what games you have, but make sure your teacher hears you!

4. When you’re walking in the halls, run instead! Walking is overrated, and running in the halls will make you get so many pawprints from all the teachers looking at you! Don’t worry if one of the paw prints says referral on it, because it’s a good thing.

I hope you follow these tips, because they totally will make your 7th grade year a breeze! But remember, you can’t just do one of these tips, you have to do all of them, or else, none of them will work. Thanks for reading!


Are Teachers at Westridge Using Technology Well?

New Computer Lab Terry McCombs via Compfight

Some teachers at Westridge like technology at school, and others don’t, but do the teachers who use technology at school use it well?

I think the teachers at Westridge who do use technology don’t use it well. One reason I think teachers at Westridge who do use technology don’t use it well is because they all disagree on what program to use with the technology. For example, my Spanish teacher uses a program called E-Backpack, but my English teacher uses Services from Google. I think if the teachers at Westridge who do use technology all used just one program, then it would be so much easier for students. For example we wouldn’t have to use a different app for each class, and all our online files would be in one spot, which would lead to finding papers on our iPads much, much easier.

What do you think? Do you think teachers at Westridge use technology well, or do you agree with me that they don’t use it well? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


School Mornings


As the sunny morning arises,
With bacon smells in the house,
7 o’clock
The crooked bed sheets on the floor,
And now birds flying out the door,
The groaning,
To the thought of school,
And the yelling of parents downstairs,
The bus horn honking,
On the house walls,
And at the corner of the street,
The bus rams and rumbles,
The then the bell rings,
Into our seats we fling,
School has started

Poem inspired by, From “Preludes” by T.S. Elliot

All pictures taken from Pixabay under CC0

Rock Me, Mercy

Rock Me, Mercy: By Yusef Komunyakka

Wonderwall Philipp Zieger via Compfight 

The river stones are listening
because we have something to say.
The trees lean closer today.
The singing in the electrical woods
has gone dumb. It looks like rain
because it is too warm to snow.
Guardian angels, wherever you’re hiding,
we know you can’t be everywhere at once.
Have you corralled all the pretty wild
horses? The memory of ants asleep
in daylilies, roses, holly, & larkspur.
The magpies gaze at us, still
waiting. River stones are listening.
But all we can say now is,
Mercy, please, rock me.

I really like this poem beacuse it shows a calming, soothing message, and it has great imagery as well. One more thing that I like about this poem is that it has great diction and word choice. This is one of my favorite poems that I have ever seen. Do you like this poem?



Three Tourists Attractions in America

America has many beautiful attractions, but which ones are worth your time? I’ve picked out 3 of the many great things to see in America. From Austin City Limits in Texas, to the Empire State Building in New York, here are three tourist attractions that you will love.

Number 1: Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas


Austin City Limits is an amazing, three day music festival in Austin, Texas, that has many of today’s top artists. Not only does Austin City Limits have great music, but it also has great artwork and food, too. With the  all the fantastic food, artwork, and music, you will surely love Austin City Limits.

Number 2: Empire State Building, New York City, New York


The Empire State Building in New York City has by far the best views in New York, overlooking the entirety of New York City. With being the one of the tallest buildings in New York, and with 360 degree views, you will be amazed with how much you can see. The Empire State Building is an important site of America that you don’t want to miss.

Number 3: Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California


At Disneyland Park in sunny side California, there are many rides, shows, and sites to see, that anyone, no matter their age, will love for sure! From the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride, to the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Game, and all the way up to the Enchanted Tiki Room, there is something for everyone. You will have a blast at Disneyland Park!

*All pictures are via Pixabay CC0*


Why Helping Others is Important

In times of need is when helping others is key. Helping others might be the most important thing there is.

First off, helping others make people feel happy, and brings joy to them. For example, when we help homeless people, they feel loved, cared about, and important. We have to help people, because sometimes, they might not be able to care for themselves. If we didn’t help people, then they might have nothing and not be happy. When you help others, you make them happy, but you also give a bucket of joy and happiness to yourself.

Second, we have to think about the world as a whole. If no-one helped each other, the world would be 100% different. Think about it, if we didn’t help each other, you would have to cook, farm, clean, and work all by yourself, no matter your age.

In the end, helping others is one of the best things you can do in this world. Helping others is very, very, important.


Is There Discrimination at West Ridge Middle School?

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim has a conversation with Al Jazeera's Ali Velshi World Bank Photo Collection via Compfight


Discrimination used to happen all over The World. Now, its mostly gone. But does discrimination still happen in small places, such as West Ridge?

From what I see at school, which isn’t everything,  there is no discrimination at all. We all are allowed in to the same type of classes, and we are all allowed into the same level of classes. At lunch, we all can sit together, during classes, we can sit as a group, and when we work, we can all work together, not matter what our race and no matter what we look like. But is there discrimination around the school and I just don’t see it?

What do you think? Is there discrimination in West Ridge? Some people might argue that there is discrimination in some places of West Ridge, and others might argue that their is discrimination all over West Ridge, but I think the majority of students and teachers at West Ridge agree with my point of view. What is your point of view on this? Also, do you think that things should be done to change any discrimination at West Ridge? Tell me in the comments below!





Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores?

15 bucks and a prayerCreative Commons License frankieleon via Compfight

Money is nice, but should we get money for good test scores?

Many people think do think schools should offer cash bonuses. Others think that it is a horrible idea. Yes, students would work harder so that they can get some money, but would it be to expensive? And how much should a student get for a good test score?

I personally think that schools should offer cash bonuses for good test scores. If students do well on tests, then that shows we are studying and working hard in class. Also, I think that the amount of money a student gets for a good test score should depend on how well they did.  Lastly, our school gets rewarded for us doing good, so we as students should get a reward to.

If schools did decide to offer cash rewards, I think more students would try harder, because they would want the money. I also think that test scores would raise significantly, since more students would be trying harder.

What do you think? Do you think schools should offer cash bonuses, or should they offer a bonus of anything at all? Tell me what you think in the comments below!



The Phantom of the Opera

Recently we have been listening and learning about the play/movie The Phantom of the Opera. Some people like it, while others hate it. What do you think about The Phantom of the Opera?

I personally think that this play/movie is both good and bad. I like most of the songs of the play/movie, but the overall idea of the play/movie is what I don’t like. I feel like the idea of The Phantom of the Opera is kind of random. I also wish there was more to the story-line in general.

Another thing about The Phantom of the Opera is that I can’t decide who I think is good and who is bad. Yes, the Phantom did entrance Christine into thinking that he was her angel, but at the same time, Christine betrayed the Phantom. Also, Raoul wanted to just take Christine away from the Phantom, and kill him. I think Raoul and the Phantom are both bad, but both good in some aspects.

What word would you describe this play/movie? My word would be either equal/balanced, or mysterious. I hope the movie is just as good as the script that we listened to! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



Speak Up

I think that everyone should speak up for others and themselves. If we don’t speak up, then who will? First, what does it mean to speak up?

To speak up means to stand up for what’s right, or for what you think is right. To speak up means to show that you care. It is important to speak up for what’s right, because if you don’t, then your opinion won’t be shared. People won’t hear what you might have to say if you don’t speak up. Also, it is important to speak up for others, because they might not be able to speak up for themselves.

One example of a way to speak up is don’t be a bystander. If you see bullying, then you should speak up for what is right.

Do you speak up for what is right? I know I do, but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes people just don’t want to get involved. Has that ever happened to you?