My ISR Book

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The title of my ISR book is I Funny Tv and the author of my book is James Patterson. The setting of my book is mostly at a kids house, school, and uncles diner. The first section of the book is mainly about a kid named Jamie. Jamie is in a stuck in a chair because of a car accident. He won a comedy contest and won 1 million dollars because of it. He also won a sitcom that he would star in. The people had never responded back to him about the sitcom… until now. They finally met up with him and he had to sign some papers. Jamie didn’t want to do it, but when he won the 1 million dollars he signed something stating he would do the sitcom. Jamie then realized if he didn’t sign it he would have to give the million dollars back to the people that gave him the money. This is about how far I’ve gotten through my book so far.

Hydro Dip Flag Soccer Cleats

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💦Today it Rained💦

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Today it was raining. When I went outside before athletics had started it was raining. While we were testing our physical capabilities it was raining. The rain on our head while countinuously running sprints felt fantastic.

Once athletics ended we went inside. My day went on and after fourth period I went outside and it was… raining. I walked down the stairs and went inside. I had lunch then went to fifth period. Once fifth period had ended I went outside to head to English and it was… raining!!!

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