In my opinion homework in not very important some might also agree and some might also disagree.I disagree because it’s takes up our time to go home and play and usually we learn enough about it in school so it’s pointless.

People like me have sports to do and other things probably with there families. I would honestly choose to have dinner with my family or go to practice with my friends then do homework. At school many kids get mad or annoyed when teachers say anything about homework.Ive even heard kids wispering to other to not remind the teacher of homework. I understand learning more is good but it’s very pointless we can do it at school with the teachers.

Impersonally think we dont need homework when we’re going to be absent so we know what we’re doing in class but other than that I think that it’s not very useful because the stuff you do alone is different from what they teach you and a class all together. It doesn’t help you at  all for instance with the class it two plus two but on work alone it two times two and on the test it’s two times two divided by to plus three thousand.

Thats why o think it’s pointless nothing is the same but not on the test. It takes up time at home that could be used on anything else.

One thought on “Expository Writing

  1. Yes I agree even after the first paragraph. I think that it is pointless and that’s it is a good thing to remove the homework. I also thing that homework is hard and just really annoying, so I’m glad to see a post about this

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