Hi,my name is Denim.I was born in Texas and im a summer baby witch means i was born in the summer.Although ive been to Las Vegas,Florida.Most likely i will be attending more places this summer.

I love to play basketball,Football Im currently playing Football with the Westlake Chaps witch is popwarner a type of league.Basketball is my main sport and for high school I will be going to IMG Academy or Westlake high.Hopefully i get a scholarship there and if I do.I hope its a good college.I wouldn’t know what would be next in life after that but Im wishing it’ll be good.I have zero pets but ive had multiple dogs and only one cat.

I have four brothers but sadly my oldest brother passed away and its not gonna always be the same without him so me and my older brother will be the new leaders of the house for know on.I have two younger brothers from my step mom and there really funny,and athletic.