Chapter 1: The Spy

Nighttime. Paradise for nightmares, luxury for ghosts, and- wait. What was HE doing here??

Shrouded in darkness and shielded with terror, the spy fearlessly leaped from the skyscraper to the shadowy alley, accompanied only by the ghastly moon and his pursuing enemies: The Blood Rippers. While sprinting across the road, he ran through his instructions given from his boss, Shadow, in his head.

1) Retrieve the Emerald Artifact and bring it back to headquarters.
2) See Step 1.

Oddly short and specific instructions. Yet Shadow had neglected to leave out a teensy piece of information: The Blood Rippers were also after the Emerald Artifact, and they were merciless, cold-blooded, soul sucking murderers, as their name suggested. The artifact that the spy and The Blood Rippers were after could change the fate of the world: tilting and revolving the earth to an immoderate level, so devastating that literally turning the first knob on the artifact (there were three knobs in total) could send the earth flying off course and hurl it directly towards the sun. So was it important that The Blood Rippers didn’t get their grubby little hands on it? Just a bit!

As the spy was thinking these thoughts and chuckling a rather dark chuckle, he noticed that he had no clue where the artifact was, and The Blood Rippers had changed their path from pursuing him to sprinting after a faint green light whisking around this pathetic, abandoned city. The spy started to sidetrack his original path (to head straight for the teleportation device) and instead creeped up onto a building where he could get a clear view of The Blood Rippers and the faint, shimmering light. As he was scaling the smooth, vertical surface, he saw that the light was getting brighter and brighter. He gritted his teeth and climbed faster, scuttling faster than Spider-Man. At last his excruciating work paid off and he reached the top of the building successfully. He peered over the edge of the balcony and almost gasped out loud.

The Blood Rippers had gained control of the artifact and were now going to manipulate it in their power! He knew something must be done. He took out his dagger, only to find that the blade was dull. He took out his can of pepper spray, only to find that it was empty. He took out his whip, only to find that it was actually his scarf. He racked his brain for a solution, and finally extracted one that was not a solution but more like a suicidal plan.

He did it anyway.

And he was going to fight for his life or die trying.

End of Chapter 1: The Spy

My Bad Writing


I don’t know what to write so I’m writing this

Even though people with their terrible fists

Are shaking and quaking

With anger and rage

At this terrible poem I’m able to create.

This poem is nonsense

Nonsense galore!

I’m tired of typing

My hands are sore!

I really have no idea what I should type

I think that’s obvious because of my life.

All I’m doing is thinking of words

That don’t make sense, just rhyme absurd.

Even though teachers taught me better than this

My brain is blank, my mind an abyss.

So what I’m saying is that I’m not a good writer

I fail at grammar, come on, am I righter?

Nonsense sentences and prison sentences

Is what I will get if I dare to type this

But my brain insists that I persist.

Besides, it’s too late to take back this.






The Spirit Ambassador

He was a frail, sickly boy, said the dusty portraits along the obscured wall;
and a lover of the dark and nighttime, said the mystical shadows and gloomy spirits
a wandering in his room;
and a boy not to trifled with, said the blood stains
across the people who had dared to come into his haunted home;
and now a lost cause for humanity, say the monster eyes and the snarling teeth
glaring right at

Haikus of Poetry


Poetry is bad.

Everybody dislikes it.

It serves no purpose.


No one understands

why this evil force is here.

This is poetry.


Poetry creates

feelings of grief and torture.

It attracts no one.


Poetry is bad.

Well, maybe it is okay.

That was sarcastic.


It is really bad.

It’s so bad I want to scream.

It is poetry.


Ardor and fervor

to destroy poetry now

using vocab words.

-By Devan S.

I wrote these poems because I never liked poetry very much. All the terms like rhyming, assonance, alliteration, and consonance seem rather useless to me because in real writing, there are easier, better, and more effective ways to create imagery. I also think the State of Texas is annoying for forcing us to learn this wretched form of literature. It will never become useful in later life and I will never have to think about it again once I pass this grade.

Three Amazing Attractions To See in The U.S.A.

If you’re a tourist out there looking for delicious food and drink, legendary historical museums, and breathtaking landscapes, then The United States of America is the place you need to be. We have everything from delectable dim sum to tasty hamburgers, and from the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains to the majestic Grand Canyon, but if you want to hit the highlights, then you’re going to want to go to these three places.

1. Highlands Grill

Dallas, TX

Highlands Grill serves delicious southern inspired food while giving you the comforting atmosphere that makes the whole visit enjoyable. It’s a great place to go to for a special occasion, a night out with your friends, or just a relaxing evening dinner.

2. The National Museum of American History

Washington D.C.

This museum envelopes all of American culture and history and serves it to you with vivid details, enthralling exhibits, and riveting performers. It’s a great place to be, especially if you want to find more about our amazing country.

3. Yosemite National Park

Sierra Nevada, CA

Beautiful mountains, wonderful hot springs, and breathtaking scenery make up the atmosphere of the majestic Yosemite National Park. Camping, sightseeing, and the local wildlife will make this trip extraordinary for tourists like you.

To Break or Not to Break

Rules are in our world to keep us happy and safe, and this is why almost all of us respect them. But sometimes those rules can be unfair and unjust, and that is why it’s okay to break those rules.

For example, when Martin Luther King (M.L.K.) was fighting for his freedom and for his fellow people, he broke many unfair rules created by the white government. However, since he protested in a nonviolent manner and for a good cause, breaking those rules were acceptable. M.L.K. was a persevering, hard-working, and intelligent person; he knew when it was okay to break the rules. If he didn’t, we would probably still live in segregation today.

However, it’s also not okay to break serious and helpful rules. For example, the British Petroleum Oil Company (BP) had a major consequence because they didn’t follow the rules. BP was supposed to have approved safety features, new and up to date equipment, and a backup plan in case things didn’t go as planned. BP had none of this, however, and this was the main reason millions of gallons were pumped into the Gulf of Mexico, which killed, injured, and endangered the workers and environmental wildlife. If they had followed the simple rules, the nature and the workers would not have had to suffer through the disastrous consequences.

Disobeying rules that are created for a logical reason can lead to harmful or even terrible consequences. However, disobeying unfair and unjust rules for a good cause can help the community or even country progress forwards. Just imagine a world where sensible rules aren’t present but unjust rules are strictly enforced. This might be our world today if we didn’t follow the rules within sensible reason.

All The Colors That Start With The Letter “A”

Colors give life to everything. Without colors, there would be no emotion or feeling. Just read The Giver! Anyway, here are all the colors that start with the letter “A”.

Absolute Zero
Acid Green
Aero Blue
African Violet
Air Force Blue
Air Superiority Blue
Alabama Crimson
Alice Blue
Alizarin Crimson
Alloy Orange
Amaranth Purple
Amaranth Red
American Rose
Android Green
Anti-Flash White
Antique Brass
Antique Bronze
Antique Fuschia
Antique Ruby
Antique White
Apple Green
Arctic Lime
Army Green
Arline Yellow
Ash Grey
Atomic Tangerine
Auro Metal Saurus
Aztec Blue
Aztec Gold
Aztec Grey
Azure Modified
Azure Modified 2.0
Azure Mist
Azure Web Color
Azurish White
Azza Blue
Azza Green
Azza Pink
Azza Purple

The Phantom’s Lair

The door opens, and you are finally exposed to what darkness in its most unimaginable form can be: none other than the Phantom’s lair.

Your foot trembles as you fearfully advance through the inhuman field of despair, and you hear nothing, see nothing, feel nothing, yet your senses are heightening with each step into the dismal place. Adrenaline is rushing, blood is pounding, the pitch black darkness is turning into your incoherent thoughts, your brain is blanking, and you scream.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nothing to comfort you while you tangle in this madness. Then, through the darkness, an evil light penetrates the room. A crimson robed creature glides through the dark and strangles you with a rope, and all so you see, all you will ever see, is black darkness.

This is The Phantom of the Opera.

A Journey For Celestial Galaxies: Part 1

Running up the mountain, Xander dove to the right to narrowly avoid an avalanche swooping up to the base of the mountain. Pressing his feet and elbows against the cold, compact snow, he then slowed himself down enough to gently land in a lukewarm river with a relaxing, lethargic current that dreamily lifted him up the inverted mountain. He hoped that he would finally rid himself of this dystopian landmark, where only shadows and celestial beings dared to appear. To the beginning of the Galaxy Region, where no human had ever traveled before. At least not yet. Xander hoped to be the first.

The moment where the mountain planet had suddenly flipped over vertically, or The Evil Rise, as the last surviving humans liked to call it, was an unfortunate event where the Great Leader of the Universe Region decided he didn’t like those pesky humans very much and decided to change their lives (mostly by ending them) drastically by rotating their mountain, or their planet, vertically. This caused countless events and complications, but I’ll go over the more important ones for now. Firstly, all the humans (there were no other creatures on this planet) on the top of the mountain fell to the abyss below. Those already at the base scrambled for any handhold they could find, but pitifully few made it.

Conveniently right afterwards, the planet changed gravity, saving the remaining humans for that time. 13 dreadful years later, a man returned to the single village of 23 people and claimed to have found a metal sign from the Great Leader himself stating that those who can be willing and able to make the perilous journey to the base of the mountain would literally touch the sky and become an immortal celestial being, ruler of the Galaxy Region. Of course, that sent people into a frenzy, rushing to grab their life savings and supplies and prepare themselves for the almost impossible journey ahead of them. And so these events led to the new dawn of hope. The final evolution of the last remaining humans. The vanquisher of despair.

The Great Galaxy Age.

And Xander was going to give everything he had to earn his spot as The Leader.

Math Class

We tremble in fear as we slowly step through the door. Why should we be afraid of such a silly thing like a door, you ask? Well, this is the door that leads to one of the most evil, corrupted, wicked places. A place where no one but the owner of this evil lair dares to enter. A place where hundreds of innocent beings suffer from torturous methods to try to put our poor brains to “use,” as they say. This is none other than what we call Mad Anarchic Torturous Hurt. This is, in other words, M.A.T.H. Class.

The T.E.A.C.H.E.R., or Tyrant Engaged in Active Cruel and Hurtful Eager (w)Rath, sauntered in slowly, knowing that she had complete power and control. As she walked, we slowly and solemnly honored a dead casualty- er, student. His name was Joe Average, who had died a valiant death by desperately trying to stop the Equation Monster with his calculator sword, but pathetically failed, and was eaten for the monster’s 37th dinner that day. The T.E.A.C.H.E.R. abruptly snaps us out of our thoughts, however, by saying the worst words imaginable to mankind in a dry, raspy serpentine voice: “Open your Quadratic Formula Sheet, class.”

We all gasp in terror as we comprehend this deadly phrase. This was the dreadful deadline that swallowed Bob Average, Joe’s twin brother, whole! This thought looms over our heads, but we have no choice. We must obey the T.E.A.C.H.E.R. We open our binders, the only material found on planet earth that can contain such poisonous, evil contents without bursting into flames in 2 seconds. We reach for our pair of safety gloves and pull the wicked paper out of our binders. By now, you should know what happens next. It’s the ultimate war between good and evil. Us kind, good- hearted students have no choice but to obey the malicious commands of the T.E.A.C.H.E.R. We’re on our own. This is it. We can only hope that our faithful ally Ring Bell can save us before it’s too late.

Welcome to M.A.T.H. class. We hope you survive.