E3 is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally E3  2015 is coming, imagine all the things they will announce.

E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, and if that was to fancy for you it is were a bunch of game developers gather around at a convention to, announce new games, give updates on ones already announced, and tech demos of games coming out. The main five companies who all get a big presentation before the convention to announce anything are Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, and sometimes Nintendo. It’s rumored that Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve, will be there lets cross are fingers that he will announce Half Life 3.

If your interested check out the streams on Twitch; I wish everyone a good summer and see you all then.

Virtual Reality.

There has been a recent trend in gaming called virtual reality.

Virtual reality is when you put a cube shaped object that you strap to your head and act your eyes into the world of the game. In the past there was a big fail with this concept made by Nintendo called the Virtual Boy. This product barely tried making you fell like you are there, and on top of that everything was red that caused eye damage, this scared most from virtual reality until a long time after. The first one to start the trend was the Oculus Rift, later bought by Facebook, and many different companies jumped on this band wagon like Sony, Microsoft, and many others.

Virtual reality is really neat concept that I can’t wait for.

The Importance of Color


What is the importance of color. Is there an importance to color. I believe there is, and I shall tell you why.

Look at this picture. What would you use these pencils for without color, there boring and just plain stupid. That is not the only reason why I think color is important, color also helps us see beauty of nature,and it also helps us make are buildings, clothes, and may other things look better, and it helps use grab are attention like stop lights and signs in dire emergencies so we don’t get in accidents.

See I think there is an importance to color, and if you still don’t think so that’s your opinion and I am ok with that.

Picture is from Pixabay.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Battlefield Hardline

Many Youtubers that are fans of battlefield say that hardline is good game you should get, but I wonder how they can even think that a game like this even deserves the Battlefield name. Yes I know everyone has there own opinions, but that doesn’t excuse this game if you want to play battlefield just get the last game and the DLC (downloadable content) not this, and here are some reasons why you should listen to me.

My first reason is the campaign (single player), and yes I know that the other Battlefield games single player experience wasn’t that much but at least there NPC (none player character) could kill the enemies. Hardline NPC partner takes more than 40 shoot to kill one of the enemies what is she shooting pebbles. Not only that but the story is super clichéd story saying how not to make a cop show instead of honoring them they were supposed to.

Secondly Hardline has a lack of content. EA is of course a very rich company which makes them very greedy so they usually rush there games but this time they pulled the release date back but they still had a lack of content and accepted us to play full retail price, when it should have been like 15 dollar stand alone DLC that’s what it’s worth. Battlefield 4 had lots of lag but they fixed that.

Finally Hardline’s concept just doesn’t. Hardline instead of the military thing they usually have they go for cops in robbers so they take out all the fun things about battlefield like, the tanks, the jets, mortars, and many more. Even though they took out all that stuff it is still super unrealistic because you have cops and robbers running around with military guns, and the vehicles don’t make any sense the have machine guns heck one of the helicopters has a mini-gun on it how could cops or criminals get there hands on that.

I hope you now see on why you shouldn’t buy hardline and save your money. I would like to thank Angry Joe (if there was the tiniest chance that he will read this) for giving the inspiration for this post, but he is for a mature audience so if you want to watch his reviews you will have to watch you should ask your parents and use a computer or phone to watch them for the school iPad won’t allow you to watch it. Thanks for reading my blog post comment on what game your saving up for or a game you would like me to check out.

Why I Believe Some Video Games Help us Become Smarter and Think Harder

Not all video games don’t challenge us and encourage easy gameplay with little required thinking, and I got a few reasons why.

One reason is lots and lots of games like Legend of Zelda, the Metal gear franchise, and many more have difficult and mind challenging puzzles that require you to think. Like the guardians of the master sword Twilight Princess, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire’s Brallie, or all the poetry in silent hill there are lots of challenging puzzles in games.

The other reason is some games like Metal Gear Solid (sorry I talk about it so much I just LOVE the franchise), counter strike, the civilization series, and a many other games require strategy, some require more military and stealth strategy like how should we capture this point surrounded by enemies, or how many people are in this base and how can we sneak pat them. Others require city/empire based strategy like should we go to war with random country, or I have barley any money but should I buy more land fills to get rid of the trash problem.

See now I hope you see games require some thought to play and you can’t run in guns blazing.

Why Team Fortress 2 is my Favorite Shooter and You Should Get it.

You getting tired of the typical Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other similar bland shooters. Well I have a game for you and it’s called Team Fortress 2 (or TF2), and here are some reasons Three reasons you should get it.

First of all it’s free to play, I mean you can put some money in to it to buy some hats, cosmetics, weapons, and other things. You do unlucky most the weapons, the Ghostly Gibus hat, and Pyro Vision Goggles without having to pay money, but sometimes you nee to wait a long time.

Continuing TF2 is a very well balanced shooter that took years to prefect. The classes are very well balanced such as the Scout a very quick class that can deal a lot of damage and capture and push bomb faster than other classes but has not a large amount of health. The Medic that keep the rest of the group alive by shooting them with his Medic Gun, but he can’t do much damage, but if he stays out of the battle for a bit his health can regenerate. The Engineer a class based on defending by putting up sentries he can upgrade and repair dispensers to provide Health and ammunition, and teleports for quick travel. The Heavy the tanks class that take damage and can deal damage. Demo man an all around amount of health damage dealing class. Pyro a fire based class. Sniper, I think you could figure that one out. Solider is like an all around class. And Lastly Spy a stealthy class that can cloak and disguise as the enemy team to get behind enemy lines.

Lastly TF2 isn’t super serious and it isn’t all sad and stuff, it’s very silly with a bunch of jokes, funny items, entertaining comics on there website, and many MANY more.

Those were the reasons TF2 is my favorite shooter and I think you should get it ,and tell me what you think in the comments,and if you want to play get a steam account here where you can get TF2 and many other games, also my username is superspino656 if you want to friend me.

Lizard Squad

If your a gamer you’ve probably heard of them. If you know who they are there name probably makes you cringe, but if you haven’t heard let me tell you.

Lizard Squad is a infamous troll hacker group known to take down the Xbox One And PS4 servers down every know and then it went out of control. It all started in August where the the Xbox One and PS4 consoles servers were down, and on Twitter there is a post form a member of Lizard Squad probably saying something stupid like, PS4 and Xbox One servers are down #lizardsquad. They threatened to do it on Christmas and they did.

Sony and Microsoft need to upgrade there protection, I hear law enforcement are trying to stop this which is good. Anyway tell me what you think in the comments.

Jurassic World

If you knew me in elementary school you would know I was a big fan of Jurassic Park, and I still am today. I love the first movie not really the second and third one but I liked the Spinosaurs.

Anyway I was just watching Youtube, and an add pops up I get ready to click skip, but then a Jurassic World trailer pops up. I already knew about Jurassic World and some other things about it like Chis Pratt and that they were making a Lego video game, but I didn’t know about a mutated dinosaur that the devolved in there labs. I’m pretty sure it was the one they showed at the Super Bowl. Well according to the trailer the affects look great but I don’t think it will be as good as the first movie.

Tell me your thoughts about the trailer in the comments, and if you are going to see it I now I will.



Star Wars Battlefront 3

Finally it’s coming, the long awaiting sequel they have been teasing for years, Star Wars Battlefront 3, and it’s coming out this year.

If you don’t know what Star Wars Battlefront is it’s a series of shooters in a huge map with Star Wars vehicles, characters, and many other  Star Wars things. there are two sides every battle it is usually Rebels vs. The Empire, or Clones vs. Droids it usually depends on the map. There are also heroes that play as (until you die as them) after you get a certain amount of points. there are many heroes like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Darth Maul, and many, MANY more.

Yes I know Dice is going to make changes and make it there game, probably make a little more like Battlefield, but I still can’t wait.

Here it is 2015

2015 is finally here and this is the year were all the video games they announced at E3 come out. Though some of them we have to wait till winter but it still this year.

The games that are coming out this year are Metal Gear Solid 5, Batman Akham Knight, Evolve, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield Hardline, and many more. If I was to pick only one game I would pick only one game I would pick Metal Gear Solid 5 because I am a big fan.

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