Top Ten Games Games to Get From November to Any Games Coming out 2015 (10-6)

Alright here is my list of the top games coming soon, but before that lets get to some rules no remakes, this automatically disqualify’s the Master Chief Collection remaking some old Halo games, and no games that don’t have at least a release window this includes games like, Halo 5, and Star Wars Battlefront 3. Remember my list is probably different from yours so leave your list in the comments.

10. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. This game takes place in 2050 or something like that were you become part of a private military company called PMC, ( private military corporations) were you are given the most advanced weaponry to date, such as exoskeletons laser firing guns, hover tanks, and many more. The multiplayer is a little bit like Titan fall with out CPUs and smaller Titans. This looks like this call of duty will have a good campaign and multiplayer. It’s coming out November 4 2014, for all systems.

9. Battlefield Hardline. This game adds a twist to the Battlefield genre instead of the army you play as a crazy cops versus robbers. It also adds items, grapple hook, a sniper like machine gun, and many more. They have also added cars that you can drive, and other things you find laying in the city. It also has an interesting campaign. Anyway Battlefield Hardline come out some time in 2015. For all systems.

8. The Crew. The Crew is an open world mmorpg racing game where you can explore the whole entire USA with not a signal loading loading screen, not the tiniest one. A reason that is not higher on the list is probably because there not much to do besides racing. I’m not a big fan of racing but I still can’t wait for this game. The game comes out November 11 2014, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

7. Assassins Creed Rouge. Rouge adds a little twist to the franchise. You play as an Irish man named Shay, at first you play as an assassin but later you are betrayed by them and join there worst enemy the Templars. This game is a sort of direct sequel to Black Flag, it also shares some features that were in Black Flag, such as the fantastic naval combat, but they have add some new features. Some new features to the naval combat are, enemy’s can now board you, in Black Flag you were they only ship that could board ships now in Rouge enemy ships can board you. Also since you are a Templar instead of fighting against the British, you fight with them. It a last ten exclusive coming out November 11 2014, as a last gen exclusive ( PS3 and Xbox 360).

6. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. This game adds a lot of new features to this game, like a fully explore able ocean world, realistic cup/ city system, and a even more in depth hunting system. The Witcher 3, take place in a fantasy world, where you are a witcher, a species that is born to track and hunt creature as small as Harpys to animals as big and even bigger that a griffin. I wish I could put this higher on the list but there were just five games I could put behind it. The Witcher 3 come out February 24 2015, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Stay toned next week were I give the top ten games you should get from 5 to 1.

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2 Comments on Top Ten Games Games to Get From November to Any Games Coming out 2015 (10-6)

  1. thomasg3
    October 24, 2014 at 12:59 pm (5 years ago)

    Assassins Creed Rogue for the win man!

  2. davidg2
    October 24, 2014 at 11:17 pm (5 years ago)

    I am not excited as much as I’m for unity though


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