Why You Shouldn’t Get Battlefield Hardline

Many Youtubers that are fans of battlefield say that hardline is good game you should get, but I wonder how they can even think that a game like this even deserves the Battlefield name. Yes I know everyone has there own opinions, but that doesn’t excuse this game if you want to play battlefield just get the last game and the DLC (downloadable content) not this, and here are some reasons why you should listen to me.

My first reason is the campaign (single player), and yes I know that the other Battlefield games single player experience wasn’t that much but at least there NPC (none player character) could kill the enemies. Hardline NPC partner takes more than 40 shoot to kill one of the enemies what is she shooting pebbles. Not only that but the story is super clich├ęd story saying how not to make a cop show instead of honoring them they were supposed to.

Secondly Hardline has a lack of content. EA is of course a very rich company which makes them very greedy so they usually rush there games but this time they pulled the release date back but they still had a lack of content and accepted us to play full retail price, when it should have been like 15 dollar stand alone DLC that’s what it’s worth. Battlefield 4 had lots of lag but they fixed that.

Finally Hardline’s concept just doesn’t. Hardline instead of the military thing they usually have they go for cops in robbers so they take out all the fun things about battlefield like, the tanks, the jets, mortars, and many more. Even though they took out all that stuff it is still super unrealistic because you have cops and robbers running around with military guns, and the vehicles don’t make any sense the have machine guns heck one of the helicopters has a mini-gun on it how could cops or criminals get there hands on that.

I hope you now see on why you shouldn’t buy hardline and save your money. I would like to thank Angry Joe (if there was the tiniest chance that he will read this) for giving the inspiration for this post, but he is for a mature audience so if you want to watch his reviews you will have to watch you should ask your parents and use a computer or phone to watch them for the school iPad won’t allow you to watch it. Thanks for reading my blog post comment on what game your saving up for or a game you would like me to check out.

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  1. ShazM6
    May 7, 2015 at 2:13 pm (4 years ago)

    i don’t understand why you don’t like it because in my a opinion that game is good


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