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Shadow of Mordor Review

In my opinion Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor is a must buy game even if you are not a big Lord of the Rings fan (game is rated mature) The main part of the game is the nemesis system. The nemesis system is a system the randomizes your enemy’s making them different every single time. One time a normal grunt just killed me and he was promoted to a captain. Then later I went back to give him a taste of revenge and I blew some blast powder as it is called in the game and later he hunted me down he remember I blew him up and had a burn mark. And another ork I meet I thought I killed him with an arrow to the eye but later he came back with a metal plate on his eye.
The only way you know you have killed an ork is if you remove there head from there shoulders. Later in the game you have the chose to dominate meaning mind control them. The game is not a walk in the park it can get challenging at time, once I told one of my ork who was a war chief to bring his troop and help me fight another war chief and his troops but the other war chief killed me and he died and the rest of my dominated ork died. Any way I give shadow of Mordor a 9/10.

My Birthday and New Video Game Coming Soon

My birthday and a new lord of the rings video game (called Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor) are coming out real soon. my birthday is the 25 of September, and Shadow of Mordor is coming out September 30th. I can’t wait, I got to preorder Shadow of Mordor with a season pass for the PS4 yesterday for my birthday. I hope my birthday will be a blast.