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Stealth Games

Is just me or are stealth games getting to easy. I don’t know why maybe it is because there no tough decisions, no penalty for killing, not even super smart AI that change positions and act super life like. The only stealth game I now that has these features is the pioneer of stealth games Metal Gear Solid.

Hideo Kojima is a genius for blending perfect action and stealth game play with a super in depth story. I know that I am one of the only people who plays this game in the school, some of you probably don’t even know what Metal Gear Solid is, but outside of school I’m one of the millions. Metal Gear Solid is a game based around espionage and infiltration, with AMAZING boss battles they are some of the best ever. You play as either Big Boss or Solid Snake which I can’t explain right now or this post will be longer than Thomas Goldstein’s Smash Brothers review.  Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom Pain comes out some time 2015. It has new features like open world, companions, different suits, and many more.

I hope people make less generic and more hard stealth games, because if the don’t the video game carrier is DOOMED.