Month: November 2014

Do You Feel Guilty Squashing Ants, Spiders, and Other Bugs?

Im Back, and with another Question of the Week.

Do you feel guilty squashing small bugs?

Whenever you see a small bug, do you kill it yourself, ask some one else to do the dirty work, or simply let it free outside? Whenever you see a bug, have you ever thought twice about killing it. When you see many bugs trying to get in to your pantry, do you smash them all, or do you leave them be. When you see one bug, what do you do?

Whenever I see a bug, I try not to panic, and I say “Hi,” then slowly walk away. Bugs don’t frighten much, until they get in my food. Whenever flies are flying around my head and landing on my food. That’s when I get mad. So, in conclusion, I hate flies, every other bug is fine to live.

Thanks for reading!



The weather has dropped tremendously in the past week or so. I did not see this coming and hope it will end soon.

This is a pretty crazy event because in November it is usually 78 degrees. Now it’s 52 degrees!

I don’t like this weather for many reasons. One being that whenever i choose to go outside my fingertips become ice. There is a couple reasons I like cold weather. One is fires, and the other is that Christmas is coming. Other than that cold weather means nothing but staying inside and fires and Christmas and family. Now that I think about it. Cold weather isn’t that bad at all!


Would you be a space tourist?

Space tourism. That would certainly be cool, but would you chose to do it?

Everyone believes that space would be cool to go and explore. Even after considering all the factors. Would you still choose to venture to the beyond? That’s what we’re going to be talking about this time.

Let us put all the factors into consideration. The first, and obvious, is that it would cost a lot of money to afford this vacation. An important factor also is that the first couple of days would be beautiful and breathtaking, but soon after it would get repetitive. Even though this is being developed I, personally, wouldn’t go into space. The reason because it would cost me and I would be disappointed by the 3rd day.

 Would you visit space as a vacation? Think about it.


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