Month: December 2014

Will Wearable Technology Really Catch On?

Will wearable technology really catch on? Will it become as universal as smart phones?

I think that it will eventually catch on when holograms may or may not be invented. That will change the evolution of technology forever. The problem with the iWatch is that it  is very small an hard to operate. With the google glass, it is very susceptible to breaking.

Some of the bonuses are that the google glass and the iWatch are portable and can be taken almost anywhere. The iWatch is especially a clever invention because  it is a phone but a watch. It does all that a watch can, but with the added bonuses of a phone.

Well thats my opinion, whats yours?


Christmas Grouch

Ah, the holiday season, love it, but don’t.

The season holds many positive memory’s, but does the negative side have more to say? Some of those negatives are: preparing my house for the use of ONE room, cold chilling my bones all the way down to the marrow, the branches of the Christmas tree falling onto the floor- see what I mean, more negative.

Also there is the overuse of holiday lights and decoration, and the fact you wait 364 days (or more) for a mere 2 days of measly excitement. I mean really, who would want to wait 364 days for a couple of hours of suspense while your opening you presents. You’ll probably get bored of the in the next week or so.

Boring! The holiday season is just boring!

-I understand you have many things to say to contradict me. Please respond in the comments below!

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