Month: January 2015

What Extreme Sports Interest You?

Well I am back with another question! What Extreme Sports Interest You The Most?

There are many extreme sports, such as: snowboarding, tight-rope walking, extreme ironing (yes that exists), paintball, free climbing, ATV racing, motocross, skydiving. Which one interests you the most? Ok, I know most of you are still shocked about extreme ironing, but it really exists! What i mean by interesting, is that you would happily do this.

Honestly, I would choose skydiving. I have always wanted to skydive, and still want to. Most of my family thinks I am crazy, except my dad. He says  he will take me to go skydiving. Second, after skydiving, I would choose… Paintball! Yes, paintball. I love paintball. Ever since I played it a couple years ago, i have fallen madly in love with this painfully fun extreme sport. The reason I love this sport, is that I adore the exhilaration. I also worship it for the conversations this game can start. 

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure you decide your favorite extreme sport!

The Lurker (pt 1)

The door starts shaking in unison with me. I hear the footsteps noise ricocheting along the wall. With every step the walls shake, dust sprinkles on my head, my bones rattle, my heart thumps. Every time I try to move. It seems to come closer. It is taunting me. The footsteps are getting louder and faster. My heart pumping faster and faster as the seconds tick by. 3 2 1.


The door smashed on the ground. Dust flew into my eyes. As I am rubbing my eyes, It stomps into the room. Quickly, I try to hide myself from its frightful gaze. Trembling fast, breathing fast, heart beating fast. The Thing looks around the dusty room looking for me, only me. Finally, his eyes meet mine. He turns, and takes a step towards me.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Like this? Say so for yourself in the comments!

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