Month: February 2015

The Phantom’s Lair

As I sit down in the dark and damp cave, I look around my empty cavern. Water, rocks, darkness– anything you would find in a cave. That’s what any normal human would see. I see beauty. While I gazed around the dark, I saw glistening waterfalls, sparkling rocks, fading darkness. As the candles floating out of the water, rocks are even more sparkling, and the water even more glistening. Yet I still realize. I am lonely.

More lonely than ever.


All around the world people wear masks. Masks can be literal or figurative. In other words, masks, can be worn in many different ways.

Some masks that people can wear are literal: people put masks on their faces. For example, many wear masks for different events, such as Halloween or Marti Gras. Roaming the streets during Halloween, you can find many children and adults wearing masks. Like Spider-Man and Iron Man masks. On my last Halloween, I saw many Spider-Man costumes and masks.

On the other hand, some masks can be figurative: people put masks on the cover their emotions. Imagine if you are angry and are talking to you Mom, you might want to cover your anger using a figurative mask. Figurative masks can be helpful, although others might be able to see through them.

See? There are many ways to wear. Parties, Halloween, concealing emotions– masks can be used for all of them!

What Would You Do If You Win the Lottery?

The lottery can either bring millions of dollars, or the loss of 10 or so dollars. And the chance of winning the lottery Powerball is about 1 in 175 million, but what if you were that tiny percentage. What would you do if you won the lottery?

The current jackpot value is 50 million dollars! Thats crazy for anyone to have in their wallet, but most would claim they would buy anything they thought would be slightly cool. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t.

What I would do is probably save some for college, put a couple million dollars for charity, give some money for my family, maybe buy a couple things I want. The reason I wouldn’t buy too much is that I would be greedy and whatever I saw and wanted. I would get. And for charity, come on, I would have 50 million dollars! I would have to give at least one million to charity. As for college and family, college I would put into so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later, and family is so they can pay off bills, houses, and cars.

Hopefully I will win the lottery someday, and don;t spend it all in one place. Especially 50 million dollars that would be fun to have laying around in my wallet!


The Lurker pt 2

The Thing turns toward me moving slowly across the floor. Gliding, slithering, creeping–I can’t tell how he’s moving. Then I see it, the hideous green thing. Then right as it comes out of the shadows. My body becomes lifeless.

When I awake, my body feels as if I have just done a 500 hour workout. Sore, in pain, dehydrated. I barely open my eyes, but when I do, I see nothing except a pair of serpent-like eyes staring right at me. It slowly approaches. Slithering down right next to me, the eyes grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Finally we are looking each eye to eye, face to snake head? Anyways, fear starts accumulating inside of me. And every time I feel afraid, yet It seems to grow taller. 

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