Month: March 2015

What makes a good teacher?

No tests, no homework, no rules– does all this add up to a good teacher? Many people would like all those things, but unfortunately, as nice as teachers can be, they still exist. Now really, what makes a good teacher?

For me, I enjoy a teacher that is nice, talkative, and teaches with hands on experience. That’s why I like science, but of course I like my other classes too! A teacher that is and does all those things will be a good teacher to me. Yet I learn to like all my teachers. I guess I also like learning new things! So, as long as iI learn new things, have hands on experiences, and the teacher is nice and talkative. That is the best possible teacher I could have!

What, for you, makes a good teacher?

Breaking rules.

Sometimes in life you have broken a rule, but also followed them. For example, many famous people have had to overcome challenges, and to over these challenges they had to break the rules.

No, it isn’t OK to break the rules, for if you could texting while driving, robbing and piracy would be legal. Almost every single time you came home; your house would most likely be robbed. Especially if you live in the downtown area. This might no be a good thing ig you just bought a new TV…. Then, poof, it’s gone.

However, if one of you grandparents is dying, you will most likely drive past the speed limit to see if they are OK. If you had to follow the rules all of the time Martin Luther King Jr. would have never sopped segregation. It is fine to break the rules if you know when to follow them.

In conclusion, it is most definitely OK to break the rules. Occasionally.Hopefully others will learn when to follow rule, and know when to break them.

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