Month: April 2015

What if the world had no color?

Ah color, color is a beautiful. It allows you to pick out clothing to show how your feeling. It allows you to see the nice sunrise in the morning. I mean look at the picture!


Wait. The picture isn’t in color, but wouldn’t you want to see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Or the trees growing out from the mountain. This is how it is in the community from a book I recently finished called The Giver. In this community there is no color. Which may sound terrible when you first think of it, but it isn’t that bad.

Color can be a amazing thing: sunrise, sunset, stars in the sky, the red rock of the Grand Canyon. Colors can also be a bad thing. For example, red usually symbolizes pain, and if your friend has a colored T-Shirt you may be jealous. In the community from The Giver color is non-existent, but the thing is that citizens never knew what color was or is. The only people who know are the receivers. In a world without color you can lose many great things that come with color. This can be many things. Such as the events I have listed before: sunrise, sunset, etc.

In the community Elders, basically the government, want to get rid of all flaws in their society. Like jealousy, which can be partially removed if color is erased. In my opinion, life without color would be bad. Really dull, but I keep reminding myself that citizens have never known or seen color. That’s why life without color is both good and bad.

What family traditions do you want to carry on when you get older?

Every family should have at least one tradition that they have. For example, sitting around a table together for eating. Something like that is a family tradition in my book.

I tradition that I would want to carry on is my families annual crawfish boil. Basically a massive party with the main food is crawfish. My family and I cook the crawfish ourselves and invite almost all of our friends to join us at this massive party. Another tradition I would like to keep is bringing my dad out to the bus stop. Ok I know. You may think that all bus stops are with others, but not mine. I have a little stop all to my self, and it’s the little things like talking to my dad at the bus stop that I would love to keep as a tradition forever.

All family traditions should be kept. No matter what it is. Well that’s my opinion anyway! What’s yours?

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