All around the world people wear masks. Masks can be literal or figurative. In other words, masks, can be worn in many different ways.

Some masks that people can wear are literal: people put masks on their faces. For example, many wear masks for different events, such as Halloween or Marti Gras. Roaming the streets during Halloween, you can find many children and adults wearing masks. Like Spider-Man and Iron Man masks. On my last Halloween, I saw many Spider-Man costumes and masks.

On the other hand, some masks can be figurative: people put masks on the cover their emotions. Imagine if you are angry and are talking to you Mom, you might want to cover your anger using a figurative mask. Figurative masks can be helpful, although others might be able to see through them.

See? There are many ways to wear. Parties, Halloween, concealing emotions– masks can be used for all of them!