Ah, the holiday season, love it, but don’t.

The season holds many positive¬†memory’s, but does the negative side have more to say? Some of those negatives are: preparing my house for the use of¬†ONE¬†room, cold chilling my bones all the way down to the marrow, the branches of the Christmas tree falling onto the floor- see what I mean, more negative.

Also there is the overuse of holiday lights and decoration, and the fact you wait 364 days (or more) for a mere 2 days of measly excitement. I mean really, who would want to wait 364 days for a couple of hours of suspense while your opening you presents. You’ll probably get bored of the in the next week or so.

Boring! The holiday season is just boring!

-I understand you have many things to say to contradict me. Please respond in the comments below!