Question of the Week

What Would You Do If You Win the Lottery?

The lottery can either bring millions of dollars, or the loss of 10 or so dollars. And the chance of winning the lottery Powerball is about 1 in 175 million, but what if you were that tiny percentage. What would you do if you won the lottery?

The current jackpot value is 50 million dollars! Thats crazy for anyone to have in their wallet, but most would claim they would buy anything they thought would be slightly cool. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t.

What I would do is probably save some for college, put a couple million dollars for charity, give some money for my family, maybe buy a couple things I want. The reason I wouldn’t buy too much is that I would be greedy and whatever I saw and wanted. I would get. And for charity, come on, I would have 50 million dollars! I would have to give at least one million to charity. As for college and family, college I would put into so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later, and family is so they can pay off bills, houses, and cars.

Hopefully I will win the lottery someday, and don;t spend it all in one place. Especially 50 million dollars that would be fun to have laying around in my wallet!


Will Wearable Technology Really Catch On?

Will wearable technology really catch on? Will it become as universal as smart phones?

I think that it will eventually catch on when holograms may or may not be invented. That will change the evolution of technology forever. The problem with the iWatch is that it  is very small an hard to operate. With the google glass, it is very susceptible to breaking.

Some of the bonuses are that the google glass and the iWatch are portable and can be taken almost anywhere. The iWatch is especially a clever invention because  it is a phone but a watch. It does all that a watch can, but with the added bonuses of a phone.

Well thats my opinion, whats yours?


Do You Feel Guilty Squashing Ants, Spiders, and Other Bugs?

Im Back, and with another Question of the Week.

Do you feel guilty squashing small bugs?

Whenever you see a small bug, do you kill it yourself, ask some one else to do the dirty work, or simply let it free outside? Whenever you see a bug, have you ever thought twice about killing it. When you see many bugs trying to get in to your pantry, do you smash them all, or do you leave them be. When you see one bug, what do you do?

Whenever I see a bug, I try not to panic, and I say “Hi,” then slowly walk away. Bugs don’t frighten much, until they get in my food. Whenever flies are flying around my head and landing on my food. That’s when I get mad. So, in conclusion, I hate flies, every other bug is fine to live.

Thanks for reading!


Question of the Week!

Should parents limit the time kids have on Tech?

Personally I believe that kids around the world spend to much time on tech devices. Sadly, I am one of those are kids. Luckily I have many other things to keep me busy. Though I do like technology, I don’t believe that kids should only be playing them. There are many other things to do. One thing to think about is that, one third of the worlds population is on technology. Thats something to think about when the earths population is only 7.125 billion! I know you may be thinking “but Ethan, that still leaves two thirds of the world dosent have technology”. I know that I have taken that into account, but still, its crazy.

Anyways, thats a Opinion! Decide For Yourself!

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