What family traditions do you want to carry on when you get older?

Every family should have at least one tradition that they have. For example, sitting around a table together for eating. Something like that is a family tradition in my book.

I tradition that I would want to carry on is my families annual crawfish boil. Basically a massive party with the main food is crawfish. My family and I cook the crawfish ourselves and invite almost all of our friends to join us at this massive party. Another tradition I would like to keep is bringing my dad out to the bus stop. Ok I know. You may think that all bus stops are with others, but not mine. I have a little stop all to my self, and it’s the little things like talking to my dad at the bus stop that I would love to keep as a tradition forever.

All family traditions should be kept. No matter what it is. Well that’s my opinion anyway! What’s yours?

What makes a good teacher?

No tests, no homework, no rules– does all this add up to a good teacher? Many people would like all those things, but unfortunately, as nice as teachers can be, they still exist. Now really, what makes a good teacher?

For me, I enjoy a teacher that is nice, talkative, and teaches with hands on experience. That’s why I like science, but of course I like my other classes too! A teacher that is and does all those things will be a good teacher to me. Yet I learn to like all my teachers. I guess I also like learning new things! So, as long as iI learn new things, have hands on experiences, and the teacher is nice and talkative. That is the best possible teacher I could have!

What, for you, makes a good teacher?

What Would You Do If You Win the Lottery?

The lottery can either bring millions of dollars, or the loss of 10 or so dollars. And the chance of winning the lottery Powerball is about 1 in 175 million, but what if you were that tiny percentage. What would you do if you won the lottery?

The current jackpot value is 50 million dollars! Thats crazy for anyone to have in their wallet, but most would claim they would buy anything they thought would be slightly cool. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t.

What I would do is probably save some for college, put a couple million dollars for charity, give some money for my family, maybe buy a couple things I want. The reason I wouldn’t buy too much is that I would be greedy and whatever I saw and wanted. I would get. And for charity, come on, I would have 50 million dollars! I would have to give at least one million to charity. As for college and family, college I would put into so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later, and family is so they can pay off bills, houses, and cars.

Hopefully I will win the lottery someday, and don;t spend it all in one place. Especially 50 million dollars that would be fun to have laying around in my wallet!


What Extreme Sports Interest You?

Well I am back with another question! What Extreme Sports Interest You The Most?

There are many extreme sports, such as: snowboarding, tight-rope walking, extreme ironing (yes that exists), paintball, free climbing, ATV racing, motocross, skydiving. Which one interests you the most? Ok, I know most of you are still shocked about extreme ironing, but it really exists! What i mean by interesting, is that you would happily do this.

Honestly, I would choose skydiving. I have always wanted to skydive, and still want to. Most of my family thinks I am crazy, except my dad. He says  he will take me to go skydiving. Second, after skydiving, I would choose… Paintball! Yes, paintball. I love paintball. Ever since I played it a couple years ago, i have fallen madly in love with this painfully fun extreme sport. The reason I love this sport, is that I adore the exhilaration. I also worship it for the conversations this game can start. 

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure you decide your favorite extreme sport!

Would you be a space tourist?

Space tourism. That would certainly be cool, but would you chose to do it?

Everyone believes that space would be cool to go and explore. Even after considering all the factors. Would you still choose to venture to the beyond? That’s what we’re going to be talking about this time.

Let us put all the factors into consideration. The first, and obvious, is that it would cost a lot of money to afford this vacation. An important factor also is that the first couple of days would be beautiful and breathtaking, but soon after it would get repetitive. Even though this is being developed I, personally, wouldn’t go into space. The reason because it would cost me and I would be disappointed by the 3rd day.

 Would you visit space as a vacation? Think about it.


Are you… Afraid?

Halloween’s coming soon, if your reading this when it’s published, so I thought I would ask a scary question. 

What are your fears and phobias?

Overtime the world has gotten more and more dangerous, so everyone has to be afraid of something. If you’re thinking that you’re not afraid of anything. You’re Wrong. If you’re not afraid, then you’re fine with being kidnapped or you get a deadly sickness. I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

Well if your not afraid of heights, but what about falling? Or spiders. What about getting bit by spider? etc. You get the idea, right?

This whole post isn’t just trying to scare from doing everything, and wrapping yourself in bubble wrap to protect you from harm. This is just to make you think. 

What are you afraid of?

Is Gaming Sexist?

If you play video games, how often have you seen a girl gamer? 

Think about this question, have you ever seen a girl gamer?

You don’t usually do you? If you do. That’s good because as the popularity and production of violent video games has rapidly increased in the past decade. Therefore, most girls aren’t attracted to the violence. Also many games have “Masculine Stereotypes” thats why you see more Football games then there are, say, Ice-Skating games. 

Now think to yourself . Is Gaming Sexist?

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