Why Do We Have To Write Today?

Whenever we write as a class, the main question asked is, “Why do we have to write today?” I have created a list saying all the reasons we have to write and why you would want to write.

    To read your own stories.
    To express your beliefs.
    To put yourself into famous stories.
    To plan.
    To release stress.
    Because why not?
    To understand.
    To learn.
    Because it’s fun.
    To relax.
    To write yourself as fictional.
    To be subtle.
    To be true.
    To be original.

    To be immortal.

That’s the list of reasons that you have to write today, and any day for that matter. Anyways I encourage you to think of reasons that you have to write today.

This post is inspired by a post called “Why do we have to write today?” by Todd Finley

What makes a good teacher?

No tests, no homework, no rules– does all this add up to a good teacher? Many people would like all those things, but unfortunately, as nice as teachers can be, they still exist. Now really, what makes a good teacher?

For me, I enjoy a teacher that is nice, talkative, and teaches with hands on experience. That’s why I like science, but of course I like my other classes too! A teacher that is and does all those things will be a good teacher to me. Yet I learn to like all my teachers. I guess I also like learning new things! So, as long as iI learn new things, have hands on experiences, and the teacher is nice and talkative. That is the best possible teacher I could have!

What, for you, makes a good teacher?

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