Well I am back with another question! What Extreme Sports Interest You The Most?

There are many extreme sports, such as: snowboarding, tight-rope walking, extreme ironing (yes that exists), paintball, free climbing, ATV racing, motocross, skydiving. Which one interests you the most? Ok, I know most of you are still shocked about extreme ironing, but it really exists! What i mean by interesting, is that you would happily do this.

Honestly, I would choose skydiving. I have always wanted to skydive, and still want to. Most of my family thinks I am crazy, except my dad. He says  he will take me to go skydiving. Second, after skydiving, I would choose… Paintball! Yes, paintball. I love paintball. Ever since I played it a couple years ago, i have fallen madly in love with this painfully fun extreme sport. The reason I love this sport, is that I adore the exhilaration. I also worship it for the conversations this game can start. 

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure you decide your favorite extreme sport!