Peaceful Walk

Wandering through the woods, he heard the birds chirping and the frogs croaking. The trees were just tall enough to block the sun from becoming a distraction. As he walked, the twigs and leafs he stepped on were merely white noise in the forest. He looked around for any more beauty, and he saw what he was looking for. A little stream trickling is a steady fashion.

The stream was the most prefect creation among the Earth. It was running over shining rocks and under fallen logs. The water was ice-cold to the touch and freezing to the taste. The heavenly stream empties into a little pond, abound with fish. He sat there, thinking. Watching.

Hours, which seemed like minutes, passed by as he sat there watching the water. When he snapped out of his trance he realized that it was nearly dark. He stood up and saw fireflies illuminating the sky. He started his trek home. Stuck in perpetual motion towards home, listening to the sounds of animals and nature. He finally arrived to his humble abode. And when he stepped foot into his yard, he couldn’t help but to think about returning to that oasis.

The Phantom’s Lair

As I sit down in the dark and damp cave, I look around my empty cavern. Water, rocks, darkness– anything you would find in a cave. That’s what any normal human would see. I see beauty. While I gazed around the dark, I saw glistening waterfalls, sparkling rocks, fading darkness. As the candles floating out of the water, rocks are even more sparkling, and the water even more glistening. Yet I still realize. I am lonely.

More lonely than ever.

The Lurker pt 2

The Thing turns toward me moving slowly across the floor. Gliding, slithering, creeping–I can’t tell how he’s moving. Then I see it, the hideous green thing. Then right as it comes out of the shadows. My body becomes lifeless.

When I awake, my body feels as if I have just done a 500 hour workout. Sore, in pain, dehydrated. I barely open my eyes, but when I do, I see nothing except a pair of serpent-like eyes staring right at me. It slowly approaches. Slithering down right next to me, the eyes grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Finally we are looking each eye to eye, face to snake head? Anyways, fear starts accumulating inside of me. And every time I feel afraid, yet It seems to grow taller. 

The Lurker (pt 1)

The door starts shaking in unison with me. I hear the footsteps noise ricocheting along the wall. With every step the walls shake, dust sprinkles on my head, my bones rattle, my heart thumps. Every time I try to move. It seems to come closer. It is taunting me. The footsteps are getting louder and faster. My heart pumping faster and faster as the seconds tick by. 3 2 1.


The door smashed on the ground. Dust flew into my eyes. As I am rubbing my eyes, It stomps into the room. Quickly, I try to hide myself from its frightful gaze. Trembling fast, breathing fast, heart beating fast. The Thing looks around the dusty room looking for me, only me. Finally, his eyes meet mine. He turns, and takes a step towards me.


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