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Diana and Fenrir

A cold night, I was scared, words can’t even describe how I felt, it was impossible to think about what might happen and to think that I might lose my life if something went wrong. Everything was silent, I could even hear the sound of my heartbeat, that’s when I saw him, his teeth were sharp and his mouth was very big that he could eat an entire human in one bite. He was looking at me directly hiding in a dark place at the end of the cave, bright green eyes that gave me a shiver through the spine. I stood there quietly and he did the same, we were looking at each other, I was not prepared for what happened next. He runned at me and in the blink of an eye, he was standing at a few inches away from me, ready to kill me, he attacked and scratched my left arm, I took out my sword and stabbed him in the neck, I could see the anger in his eyes, his blood was boiling. We fought for a long time, I was tired and so was he, I was on the floor and didn’t had the strength to stand up, but he wa stronger than me, so he stood up, he looked at me with anger. He scratched me several times and I stabbed him many times too. Then I surprised him and stabbed him three times in the eye, until he was finally dead.

Missing home

Missing home                                Diana Davila


You can see a beautiful dawn,

through the big windows of the house.

I wake up and admire my big house

with 4 different levels.


In the first one, there’s a big pace

to do homework and read books,

It has a lot of books that it looks like a gigantic library,

in the second one you can see a living room,

a big place to store toys and 3 bedrooms.


In the third one you can admire a big kitchen,

that is as big as a cruise,

and a big dinning room were family and friends enjoy holidays.

Finally in the fourth, is my parents room,

with a breathtaking view to the big garden

that smells like fresh flowers.


In the garden there’s a big pool, swings,

an entire little house with a small kitchen,

beds, bathroom and living room, finally

there’s a bungalow where we made big

parties, almost each weekend.

Authors note: I chose my house because it’s were I had many adventures with my family and my friends, I loved the parties we made there and invited everyone it was very fun because my best friend would be there and sometimes we made battles with water balloons or nerf guns, I loved my room because it had a big window, I like to swim in the pool and play in the trampoline.