Book Review

   I once read Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Palacio has made other books like such as Auggie and Me. It’s about a kid named August Pullman and he is facing many issues with his face, so he has been wearing an astronaut helmet almost everywhere. He was homeschooled until he got to 5th grade and he went to Beecher Prep Elementary School. While there he is avoided by basically everyone, in the halls no one wants to touch him or get anywhere close to him it’s like he has a force field around him at all times. But as the school year goes along he gets friends, people still don’t really want to touch him but aren’t like they were in the beginning of the year. Finally, at the end of the year he gets along with a lot more people… to figure out the rest you need to read the book. 

I really liked this book because it can show that of you have something wrong with you, it can be overcome if you get good friends and preserve through the hatred you might get.

If you want to see a review in the book check out this YouTube video.


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