This photo represents something I really like to do. One of my hobbies is drawing realistic things. I really like drawing because it helps me calm down and relax.

The Selection- Saga

The Selection by Kiera Cass is about a girl named America who didn’t want to be a princess. Not all the girls wanted to be princesses. America Singer, for example, has a normal life, and with wanted to change something it would be having just a little more money and telling everyone about her secret relationship. One day, America accepted subscribing in the Selection just to make her mom happy and to forget her boyfriend,she was certain that she wouldn’t be chosen in the competition which prince Maxon chooses his wife. Of course her name appears in list and she knew that everything would change for better or for worst. This book takes place in Illea, Los Angeles, in the royal castle. America was Category 5 and the Maxon category 1. There were 35 girls fighting for the prince’s heart. In that time America met Her best friend Marlee. America was the only 5 in the Selection which means the poorest. America knew that after her name appeared on the list her life would never be the same.

Knowing Me

My name is Domingas and I am new on the country and I’m really liking it. Austin really reminds me of Brazil. I came from Angola a country in Africa but moved to Brazil when I was 1 year old. It is being a really good experience living in Austin.