Another Year!

Here we go again! It’s time to start another exciting year of blogging. Let’s travel back in time to before the first day of school, to before I knew you.

Here are the words I would have spoken to you:

I don’t know you yet. You are figments of my vast imagination. You are tall, you are sleepy, you are witty and shy. You are naughty and hard working; you can be lazy and wild-eyed. You are so many things and there are many things you are not. I know that you are you, and that is all I hope you will be. I hope that you will write in a voice that is uniquely yours. I hope that you will choose words and punctuation to convey your voice and purpose. I hope you will take pride in your voice and share it with the world. Most of all, I hope that you will try your hardest and grow as a writer. At times you may fail and most times you will succeed. But we will do it together. Together indeed.


Pixabay CC0

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