Expository essay

When there’s a block and you’re trying to achieve something, don’t look back. There’s something waiting for you on the other side. It’s important to never give up.

When Thomas Edison created the light bulb, it took him hundred of tries but he still succeeded in his dream. Not only did Edison have to work through a hard task of inventing the lightbulb, but he also had to deal with others’ negative comments toward his creation. That didn’t stop Edison though, as he said, “I have not failed, I have just found many ways to not do it.” That was a hard task that Edison took on and still succeeded in by not giving up.

Like Edison, I faced tough challenges too. When I first started play basketball in fifth grade I wanted to be a small forward. However at four foot eight, the only position I could play was a guard. In order to play that position well, I had to have good ball­handling. Therefore, I had to give up mid­ranged shots and focus on lay­ups and ball­handling drills. When I first started adjusting my practice routines, I thought it was boring and almost anything could top it. However, I knew it was the only position available for me to play and I didn’t want to drop my favorite sport. I kept working on ball­handling and started practicing an average of forty­five minutes a day. Finally all that hard work payed off when I played a recreational league in sixth grade. I played as the point guard and got the ball passed into me after every basket or turnover. I achieved all that through hard work and not g iving up.

In the end it’s important to never give up because it shows hard work, mental toughness, and is the key to success.


Phantoms Lair

Years after the Phantom disappeared the opera house was abandoned with caution signs everywhere around it. Ever since I heard of his appearance I always wanted to ask him, why are you killing people? and why specifically the people in the opera house?

I snuck into the opera house finding the chandelier broken on the corner of the stage covered in cobwebs and candle wax. Lying next to it was the phantom’s mask and the trapdoor on the stage.

I held my breath and jumped down the trapdoor. I landed on my feet hearing nothing but screaming coming from the ceiling. I looked up finding blue spirits floating around the dark half lit chandelier.

I proceeded through the everlasting hallway of darkness running into a dusty stage with a throne in the center. On top of it lied a black cape and the phantom’s mask. I picked up the mask and placed it on my face “put that down” I heard from a distance. I through the mask on the throne and turned around finding the phantom right in front of me.

Personal narrative

I started the day off as I usually do. I arrived at school, put my trumpet away, went to my locker, and then started heading to math. I sat at my normal seat, got out my homework and started checking it, just like every other day. Then a student aide came in and handed the teacher an office request. She then handed it to me. I looked down, and the note read: head to the cafeteria. I thought to myself what kind of trouble did I get into this time?

I arrived at the cafeteria and saw a huge line of students. There was a speaker with a microphone by the stage. She was calling out names and handing certificates to students. All of a sudden the nervousness flowed right out of me. Am I being awarded? I thought to myself. A women came up to me and asked me for my last name. “Odama” I responded. She then put me in the middle of the line with students with last name starting with O. The line got smaller and smaller, and I couldn’t stop thinking who nominated me. I heard my name called, I then got really anxious to find out who it was.

The speaker read off the certificate “Drew was nominated by his band director Ms. Glover”. She read on, “Drew is an incredibly hard working student. He is always focused and driven to give his best effort. He is well on his way to becoming an outstanding trumpeter and is a great role model for the rest of his class. We are fortunate to have Drew in the WRMS Band program!”. It then hit me how hard I’ve been working to be a better trumpet player. How much I struggled in the beginning and fought through it. She then handed me the certificate, and I sat down in the audience. After the last few people got their certificate we all went on the stage and took a group picture. After that, they served donuts. How can it get better than that? I started heading to third period reading my certificate over and over again realizing hard work pays off.

7th Grade Reflection

I have changed a lot over this seventh grade year. A  I’ve also been challenged much more this year with harder material and more homework.

This year I had to take a more challenging math course, Algebra I. In this class I had to get used to homework every night along with tests and quizzes much more often.

Another struggle I had this year was keeping up on my blog in English class. Having it as an assignment online makes it tough to remember and harder to access.

Due to these challenges I was forced to Chang my study habits from lots of sports, other activities, and sleep to less sleep and more work. However these changes weren’t easy to make, it took lots of time away from what I wanted to do. which was very frustrating, and time to time I would forget to do some assignments which effected my grade drastically.

Although I went through some tough times, after the first quarter I started adjusting to the workload and getting it done quicker. However working around these difficulties still made this a tough year.



The light beats upon me.
I am startled—
a split leaf crackles on the paved floor—
I am anguished—defeated.

A slight wind shakes the seed-pods—
my thoughts are spent
as the black seeds.
My thoughts tear me,
I dread their fever.
I am scattered in its whirl.
I am scattered like
the hot shrivelled seeds.

The shrivelled seeds
are spilt on the path—
the grass bends with dust,
the grape slips
under its crackled leaf:
yet far beyond the spent seed-pods,
and the blackened stalks of mint,
the poplar is bright on the hill,
the poplar spreads out,
deep-rooted among trees.

By Hilda Doolittle

I liked this poem because it reminded me of a poem I read  in 4th grade that also had to do with nature. I also liked how the author used personification putting himself in the position that the seeds were in. Doing that he described what was going on to himself very well like the gust of wind and the grass that the seeds are rolling in.

Santa Fe

A place I’ve been wanting to visit my whole life is Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The biggest reason I’d like to go is the fact that they have snow. Here in Texas we get snow about once every one to two years and that feels like forever. There’s so many activities available when there’s snow. My favorite out of them is snow skiing. I’ve only skied two times in my entire life and both times I had more fun then I ever could have in Texas.

Also rather than going to Denver Santa Fe is much closer. Im hoping to go in spring break where there’s the last moments of snow and it’s not too cold. I’ve been to New Mexico so long ago I can’t remember much so there’s much more to see.

Fishing (Ish)

Today at this very moment I have one goldfish in my house. Most people would easily buy one from the pet store for a cheep price, but I got mine a lot harder than the how the average person got theirs. One day I was walking in the forest and I came across a little pond with tons of goldfish swimming around. It was obvious they were all gonna die due to the drought. So I decided to save them. The next day I came back with a small jar and started trying to scoop them up. The more times I tried to catch one the more murky the water became. I was about to give up, but I tried one more time to scoop one up. Then out of luck I scooped up a jar full of water with a goldfish in it! I then brought him to my house and put him in a big fish tank where he happily swam around.


The first time I  played paintball it went a little something like this. My friend Marvin and I walk out to the arena we put our masks on and turned off the safety the referee counts down 3,2,1. I dive behind a hill of tires I look around seeing paint balls flying left and right I stood up and started shooting at someone. I shot at him three times until he got hit by another team mate. The referee then calls the out one remaining. I stood up and started shooting in random directions. I then noticed I was almost out of paint. I looked up and then felt it the last person hit me in the back from ten feet away. I slowly walked out of the arena hoping the next game would turn out better.


Yilkee Lam via Compfight