Dust II !!!

So guys, I was thinking about my other post before this about dust, and I had an epiphany: So dust burns very quickly, as lint does, so we can deduce that, but coal burns slowly with more heat. Therefore, coal can produce more energy. When dust burns up, you’re left cold and with a bunch […]


Isn’t dust flammable? So, what if we took something that is an annoyance and we use it for energy (like coal)? Because lint is super flammable, and and lint and dust are made out of the same things, right? (Hint-yes!) So why not just use it as fuel to power plants? Post your comments and […]


So, would air that is more compressed be more buoyant than air under less pressure, or would they be the same? Like if we had a quart of super compressed air and a bag of regular air (at normal atmospheric pressure — sea level) which one would be harder to be pushed underwater? Because both […]