Revisions for the Dimensions!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys! Guess who’s back! It’s David, with your weekly vitamins!!!!!!!!!   Okay, so I was thinking about the dimensions again, and I remembered something and then started questioning it.   Remember my toy helicopter reference/analogy? So I thought about it and, wow, I was wrong!   So I said that the helicopter hovering in place […]

Paradoxes!!! What You’ve All Been Waiting For!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo, *dddrrruuummmrrrooollllll…* WHAT YOU’VE ALL (or not 🙁      ) BEEN WAITING FFFOOORRR……… PARADOXES!!!!!!!!! So paradoxes are when someone goes back into time to the past to change something that already happened, like stopping the assassination of JFK, it causes a rift in the space time continuum, which is bad, because if you stopped his assassination, the […]

Back to the Future in my Time Machine!!!

Welcome back to David’s Blog for your weekly supplement of vitamin smartness!!! Directions: To be taken visually, once a week, reading thoroughly and completely, and washed down with a glass of comments and blog subscriptions! Questions? Concerns? Comment on the toll-free line below!!! ————————— There are time machines everywhere, going back in time, into the […]