Back to the Future in my Time Machine!!!

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There are time machines everywhere, going back in time, into the present (naturally), and even procure a version of the future.

In order to go back to the past, you can’t change anything, lest there be a paradox*.

In order to go to the present, well, that’s easy! Just go back!

To go to the future is extremely hard. To do so would defeat the purpose of life.

So, where exactly is this time machine? Hint—everyone has one, and it’s your brain.

Think about it: The past is just your memories. You certainly can’t change them, thus not resulting in a paradox, as you are likes ghost—only able to watch as events unfold, unable and helpless to do anything.
The present is just like I said earlier, easy and quick. Just focus on the present again, and your mind will just go back!
The future, now, that’s hard. So your mind is able to anticipate and show a version of the future, but not a set in stone version. After all time I like that for a reason, or else Julius Caesar would have seen it coming, as well as Martin Luther King Jr., along with JFK, which would mean no LBJ, and think about how much would be different. If they had saw it coming, perhaps the Roman Empire would have lasted longer, which might have meant no MLK Jr., or JFK, or LBJ.
So, in a way, the future is just as dangerous as the past, because both could cause paradoxes*.

Example for time traveling into the past:
Remembering the time you broke your leg.
Telling yourself to not jump off the bench.

Ex. for the present:
Reading this right now!

Ex. for the future:
Standing in front of a speeding car and “time traveling” to the future and a version is that you will break your leg.
Not breaking, your leg, and jumping out of the way in time, which would cause you to not get the cast and being able to enjoy other activities.

So, all of this lead me to believe that our mind is not only a time machine, but also another dimension. Why? Because of its suspiciously close correspondence with time.

After all, what else does?

*Paradox will be defined in my later posts, so stay tuned & comment!

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One thought on “Back to the Future in my Time Machine!!!

  1. A recent book by Stephen King called 11/22/63 plays with time travel. A character discovers he can go back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK–only to find out there are unforeseen consequences to that act of bravery.

    The personal time travel you mention is fun, isn’t it? I like to spend time in the past 🙂

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