My Flying Spaceship of Awesomeness

What if there was a spaceship that was large enough to support animals like cows and chickens, and also have enough space for a forest with edible plants and no poisonous ones (because we would get to choose what goes on the space ship) and also, NO MOSQUITOES OR BUGS OR SPIDERS?


Then, it would be self-sustaining, with plenty of food (animals and veggies), a self-replenishing atmosphere (plants), and fuel (waste from all those animals, ecofuel from plants, and solar power), then a person, or even a whole population of people could travel forever in space! It would essentially be taking a slice of earth, filtering all the nasty things out, and putting it in a space ship. What could go wrong? There could also be an ocean or sea, given enough space, and you could fish, you could finally have that shark-fin soup that’s all the rage right now, and just think of all the possibilities!!!


Again, what could possibly go wrong?


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