Expository Post!!!

I think writing is good because they allow you to express your thoughts well and help you convey messages in the real world.   Writing is practice to become a good speaker and explainer because in the real world you wouldn’t get very far without being able to talk, because writing helps improve your grammar […]


Josh Dobson via Compfight Swimming is my favorite sport.   I like swimming because it is not very hot, as you are in water. Many people think that swimming is very easy, but the truth is that swimming is very hard because water is 10 times denser than air. Also, you have to use extra […]

Personal Essay

Today in English, I finished my final draft and turned it in, and I think it is really good. It is about how I once was at a party at Main Event and was rock climbing.   I also  went to Solo and Ensemble which was right here at WRMS on Saturday, and I performed well […]