Expository Post!!!

I think writing is good because they allow you to express your thoughts well and help you convey messages in the real world.


Writing is practice to become a good speaker and explainer because in the real world you wouldn’t get very far without being able to talk, because writing helps improve your grammar and understanding of the language you speak. For example, if you did not know how to best describe what you want.


Writing is also good because it is required in the form of an essay or expository piece on the SAT,ACT, and STAAR tests, or to apply for college, excluding if you meet certain prestigious requirements that some colleges have, such as achieving the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America (I am in Boy Scouts!), but even that requires careful planning and writing to your scoutmaster about your eagle project for it to be approved.


In conclusion, writing is an important part of anyone’s life and lifestyle. Without writing, talking is nothing.



Comment below about how you think writing is important or how it affects our everyday life! Do you think writing is more important than talking?

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