Six Flags

  View image | Image Credit: Getty Images Last Friday, all 7th Graders in Orchestra, Band or Choir went to Six Flags in Fiesta Texas.   I had to get up at 4 in the morning to be able to get on the bus, and it was extremely tiring. But, as soon as my […]


  Credit: Morgue file     Without color, the rainbow only seems like a gray smudge, no different from the sky.   A world without color is only 3 color receptors away. Dogs have 2 color receptors in their retina, limiting them to the world of 3 colors: blue, green, and a bit of yellow (blue+green). […]

The Giver

Spoilers!!!     So, in class, we read The Giver, and I have some questions: So, first, what happened that prompted the people to go live in communities? Are there still other people out there? Because the number of people in the communities seems like too little for the whole world, as in there is […]

Personal Narrative

Looking up at the massive wall, with its jutting angles and invisible handholds, I knew I was never going to make it.   The climbing wall had been so easy, so innocent, when I first walked into Main Event. But no, it was an evil thing, a thing of trickery and deception. Egged on by […]

Why Winter is Best

  Winter is the best season by far out of the four seasons!   Also, winter is better than summer because you can always put on more layers to wear,  but in the summer you can’t take off everything!   Winter always brings with it some freezing temperatures, and maybe some snow! I, personally, love […]


  I am sick today, so I could not go to school and I also cannot go to school tomorrow.   Being sick is really awful, because you cannot do much except feel bad and lie in bed. That’s what I did, and I spent most of my time either reading or sleeping. I also will […]

Expository Post!!!

I think writing is good because they allow you to express your thoughts well and help you convey messages in the real world.   Writing is practice to become a good speaker and explainer because in the real world you wouldn’t get very far without being able to talk, because writing helps improve your grammar […]


Josh Dobson via Compfight Swimming is my favorite sport.   I like swimming because it is not very hot, as you are in water. Many people think that swimming is very easy, but the truth is that swimming is very hard because water is 10 times denser than air. Also, you have to use extra […]

Personal Essay

Today in English, I finished my final draft and turned it in, and I think it is really good. It is about how I once was at a party at Main Event and was rock climbing.   I also  went to Solo and Ensemble which was right here at WRMS on Saturday, and I performed well […]


There is a new movie that has come out in theaters called Interstellar. I really want to watch it, because it is about traveling through dimensions, but I have not. I am currently waiting for it to be available in my community library, so I am still waiting. Comments? Comment below!